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Why Trust Relationship Error Occurred

Why trust relationship error occurred in my relationship? We all have heard from the people around us that trust is of paramount importance in a relationship. If this is true then why trust relationship error occurred?

A Lot of Experiments Are Going On

The truth is we cannot understand the process of falling in love with our intellect. Why? This is because it will not fit in your logic. Just think about it. What is logical about falling in love? The answer is nothing. It may not be logically correct but real love and intimacy are beautiful. There is no doubt about it.
Scientists cannot come to terms with this. They are experimenting a lot. They are giving a lot of theories. But if you will look at these theories little carefully and then you will realize that they are not talking about real love rather lust, infatuation, lust etc. The process of falling in love can never be measured using any machine.
Let me tell you something very significant. This advice will help you a lot. Drop all the logic when you’re dealing with the phenomena called love. Thank me later 🙂

You Must Understand The Right Context

Yes, it is true that trust is of paramount importance in an intimate relationship. Then why trust relationship error occurred in my relationship? This is because trust is important where there is true love. In the case of infatuation or lust if you will add the element of trust then you will only complicate things.
Trust is important in a relationship. But it is only applicable for those who see a relationship as a lifelong commitment. It is not for those who want to have one or two months of fun.

Infatuation Or Lust Can Never Be Called Love

There are many people who are infatuated with someone but they tell everyone that they are in love. Why do they want to confuse themselves and people around them?
Lying to someone is not the best thing but at least it is justified. But lying to oneself is the dumbest thing. The funny thing is people who don’t have any integrity claim that they are smart people. This world needs protection from such smart people.
Let us become 100% straight and talk. Infatuation or lust will anyway end. So if you are not looking at a relationship as a lifelong commitment then just have fun or do whatever you want to do. It is not my business. It is your life. You can do whatever you want to do. But at least you must be honest with yourself.

Why trust relationship error occurred?

A lot of people think that relationship is all about having fun. But if you see a relationship as a lifelong commitment then you must know it is about responsibility. The number one priority is acting responsibly. Everything else is secondary.
In my article, what does it mean to have a toxic relationship I have explained how a relationship can be used for growth. Not just about personal growth but for the growth of both the parties.

Why is trust important?

We all know by our life’s experience that nothing is constant in this world. Neither weather nor circumstances. Now if someone sees his/her relationship as a lifelong bond then for that person trust is of paramount importance.
Situations around us will go up and down. Sometimes our partner’s behavior will also go a little bit up or down. So trust in a relationship is important.

How To Maintain A Relationship?

If you will see a relationship as a means to realize your personal ambitions then your relationship will become stagnant after some time. A lot of people hang on with their marriage because they can’t handle the consequences of separation.
Make your relationship a process of giving, helping and supporting each other. You must know how to adjust in a relationship.
A lot of people think adjustment means compromise. They all are wrong. Adjustment means you are wise enough to change your path without changing your destination.

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