Why Relationships Suck

Why Relationships Suck

I’ve said this time in and time out that there are many people for whom relationships and suffering are synonyms. A few days ago one of my friends Radhika told me on WhatsApp that you are doing a great work but why don’t you write something like why relationships are bullshit. I told her that very soon I will write something like why relationships suck. So here is this article.

Something Worth Answering

One day me and my friend Rohan were sitting near Teesta River, it’s a long river which flows beside our college. He has a habit of asking “aur bata, aur bata”, which means tell me something more which is new and interesting. I told him that I’ve written some poems. Do you want to hear? He is not a poetry lover. So indirectly he said no.
After that, I asked him what you want to hear? Ask me any question. I will answer. He replied, tell me some ghost stories. So I told him about a Bhoot Bangla (haunted house) which was near my grandmother’s house. I told that no one goes there and the stories related to that house. After hearing he said, that’s it. I had nothing more to say so I said yea.
Then after some moments of silence. He asked me in a very gentle voice. He said, our friends make a lot of fun about you but you never get offended. Why? If they say something to me I get easily offended. And I was like finally, you have asked something worth answering.
I said I’ve clarity. He said clarity! About what? I replied I know exactly what I want to do with my life. If someone knows what he/she has to do in life. And if they are doing it without getting distracted by anything then nothing can offend such a person. To that person, it doesn’t matter what others do and says.
Then Rohan asked how to know what we want from our life? I said; just give some time to yourself. Think about what you want from your life? What will give you a sense of completion in your life? If you will give some focused or quality time to yourself then you will get the answer.
Once you know what you want from your life and if you are going after it then nothing can stop you. You are focused on it and you know you are on the right track. He said WOW! It makes a lot of sense.
Now you can ask how this can tell us why relationships suck. Well, please allow me to answer this question.

Why Relationships Suck?

Nowadays people are frequently using phrases like relationships suck, pain is inevitable in love etc. They are doing this because they come in a relationship but they don’t know what to do with it after some time. So in many cases, things go well in the beginning but after some time their relationship falls flat on the face. Well, this is a line of Eminem’s song till I collapse.
In my book TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS I have said that it is very important that we maintain the direction of our life because without having one-pointed focus nothing significant will happen in our life.

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