What Relationships Are Key To Your Success Now And In The Future

What Relationships Are Key To Your Success Now And In The Future

In my previous blog post relationship is more important than money I told how we can ensure our happiness in the long run. I explained that to create lasting happiness or pleasantness we must ensure that we are making progress in some area of our life. Tony Robbins who is the life success coach use to say progress or growth is equated to happiness. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what relationships are key to your success now and in the future?

Why Are Relationships Important?

In one of my blog post why relationships are important to human beings, I have said that if we are smart that we can use anything as a stepping stone for our growth. Our relationships are no exception to it.
In every genuine relationship, an element of love is there. Loving someone means we are making someone else more important than us. When we are willing to give ourself entirely to someone that’s love. Loving someone means showing our sweetest part to someone. It is basically a sweetness of our emotions.
Mostly in all the relationships, we see our partners, family members, friends and other people doing things that we don’t like. If we genuinely love them then we try to change or adjust. But nowadays no one wants to change. Whenever people see any problem they want someone else to change. This happens in many relationships. When people keep on pointing fingers at others then they pay the price of it by losing the love that they are receiving. A lot of relationships become bitter or end because people want others to change. They don’t want to change themselves. This is a very serious problem but unfortunately, no one talks about it.
The English expression ‘falling in love’ is very significant as you can only fall into it. You cannot stand or sit on it. If you really love someone and if you want them to stay in your life then you must be willing to change or adjust for that person. If you can’t even do this then stop claiming that you love someone.

What Relationships Are Key To Your Success Now And In The Future?

Each and every person that you meet in your life is important. You never know what will happen tomorrow. It doesn’t cost anything to smile at someone. So what relationships are key to your success now and in the future? I’ll say each and every relationship that you hold is important. Each and every person that you meet is important. ISN’T IT?

Stop Extracting Start Giving

If you will keep on thinking that what I will get from giving something to someone then you will definitely miss all the beauty of life. If you can’t think about anything other than profit or loss then you will miss everything which is beautiful in this existence. You may get everything still you will have nothing because you will not know what life is. Life can never be understood by our logic or intellect. It can only be understood by the EMBRACE.
If a person who has very sharp intellect looks at a person who is in love then he will never be able to perceive it. He will never be able to come to terms with it. But what that person who is in love is experiencing within himself is beautiful. It can only be understood by embrace, not by the intellect.
So if you really want to experience the beauty of life then please stop seeing life as a profit or loss statement. Just try to embrace everything that is around you. Everything will become beautiful. Love is not an extraction process. You give me this I will give you that, this in not love. This is called transaction.


The Joy of Giving

A small smile which costs nothing.

The return it gives is of the compound sort.

A smile which brings a smile.

This contagious disease must spread worldwide.

The returning smile gives bliss to the starter, as the return is compound.

A small principal which gives a limitless return.

For the people who understand economics well, the interest rates are astonishingly high.

A small smile is an investment and endless bliss is the return.

Not a bad deal at all. What do you think about all this, my friend?

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