What Is Wrong With The New Generation

In this article I’m not going to talk about young or old generation rather I’ll talk about us, we as a generation of people (which includes everyone). No other generation enjoyed as much material well-being than us. But we still can’t claim that we are the happiest generation ever. WHY? We will try to find out what is wrong with the new generation?

Most Successful Predators

The most successful predators are not the ones who have very strong muscles or a lot of brain material. Predators that ambush their prey are the most successful ones. Their success rate is almost one hundred percent.
In my previous blog post How to get success in love, I explained that if we want to taste success in love or in any other aspect of life then we must change the way we look at things a bit. We must learn to focus on the root, not the fruit. Root, not the fruit means we must focus on the process and work upon ourself. The result or fruit will happen if we’ll take a good care of the root.

Sometimes even bullshits can take people at the top

Without focusing on the root we may succeed in love or in any other area of life. Sometimes even bullshits can take people to the top but it cannot keep those people at the top for a long time.
We all have heard the story of a beggar who won a lottery of a million dollar. After two or three years he was again begging on the same road because he spent recklessly on drugs, prostitution etc.
A strong foundation is necessary for anything to last.

What Is Wrong With The New Generation?

The real problem is we don’t know how to ambush. As I told success or fruit is a consequence. To get success we must first learn to focus on the process.
Our mind is continuously brainwashed or programmed by the advertisements, cinema etc. In addition to that, the technological advancements have made us lethargic like never before because of all this we expect things to happen quickly but in real life, things only yield when we work on the root. Without working on the root fruit will not happen.
We all are becoming impatient which is causing a lot of damage to humanity. We must have some patience because good things take time. If we’ll not do this then we will simply create turmoil within ourselves and around us. The fruit, success or the result that we get is a consequence of focusing on the process or root for a sustained period of time.


Waiting, An Immense Possibility

You can go beyond your shallowness if you know how to wait.

If you can patiently waitthen you shall enjoy the beauty of everything.

You can go beyond the threshold.

You can transcend monotony.

The indispensable prerequisite is a quality which is referred as waiting.

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