What Is Self Love? Learn To Love Yourself, But WHY?

What Is Self Love? Learn To Love Yourself, But WHY?

Nowadays social networks like Facebook, Instagram and twitter are filled with the quotes of self love. Most of them say something like; there is no one who can love you unconditionally so it is very important to love yourself. Let me tell you something love is one of the most contaminated words. People are labeling all their compulsiveness as love. ‘Learn to love yourself’, after reading this article you shall never say this again.

I Don’t Like The Word Love

As I told love is one of the most contaminated words. People have done and still doing all types of nasty things in the name of love.
To undo all the contamination I will say that the best word to define true love is devotion. I must tell you that no one ever did anything significant or worthwhile without being devoted to it. A relationship can never last for long until and unless there is an element of devotion.

What Is Devotion?

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, Bill Gates created Microsoft, Steve Jobs created Apple, and they were able to create them because they were devoted towards their work. Just a few days ago I read a viral post which says that Bill Gates can become the first trillionaire of the world. Let us not go in all that. Coming back to the topic. So what is devotion?
Devotion means making something or someone more important than yourself. If you are devoted to something or someone then it is possible that you may even forget to sleep or eat. You might be thinking that I must tell you about self love but I am talking about devotion. Don’t worry you will understand the connection before the end of this article.

Learn To Love Yourself, But WHY?

When you truly love something or someone then it means you are devoted to it. When you love someone then there is some beauty in it. Isn’t it?
When you say ‘I LOVE MYSELF’, is there any beauty in it? The answer is NO. Let me tell you the truth. Loving ourselves is another word of selfishness. Saying I’m selfish sounds little weird so people came up with the terminology self love. You might be thinking self love is not selfishness. It is about self-respect.
If you will love yourself then you will put yourself first. The moment you do that all the beauty of love is gone. The truth is if you will put yourself first then you can’t love. The English expression ‘falling in love’ is very appropriate as you can only fall in love. You have no other choice. If you want to experience the beauty of love then you must be willing to fall into it.

I Can’t Love Anyone So It’s Better To Love Myself

In India, around 70% of the population lives in rural areas. Only 30 % of the people live in urban areas. Among them 50% are introverts. So only 10% percent of the population or even less are outgoing peoples. You might be thinking what the hell I am trying to say?
Well, my point is most of the people have never met enough people in their life. They have met fewer number of people. Now if someone had broken their heart then this doesn’t mean that the entire population is like them. Just because a single man or woman is bad, this doesn’t mean everyone is bad. Stop generalizing and start living.

So What Is Self Love?

If you will love yourself then one thing is sure. You will definitely kill the possibility of loving someone. As I told by saying something like ‘I love myself’, you are clearly giving the statement that you put yourself first. The person who puts himself/herself first is a selfish person. A selfish person can never know what love is because it demands commitment, compassion, and devotion.
So don’t blindly start following anything like quotes, fashion etc just because everyone else is following it. Use your mind. Stop limiting the possibilities of life. Explore the dimension of life which is called as devotion.

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