What Is Codependent Relationship

What Is Codependent Relationship

What is codependent relationship? A codependent relationship is a relationship in which a person is dependent on another person for his/her needs in a very unhealthy way.
A person in a codependent relationship will always have gigantic expectations from their partner. They will always point fingers on their partner. This makes their relationship very ugly.
They are the people who perpetually complain, I was not able to do this or achieve this because of my partner. So what is the solution? Let’s find out.

The Only Truth

You must remember each and every moment of your life that you and only you are the creator of your life. It doesn’t matter what you have heard the truth is you are the creator your destiny.
Most people life is shaped by outside situations or someone else. This is because they have no control over their thoughts and imagination. Most people even believe that their thoughts are coming from somewhere else but they are utterly wrong. Your thoughts and your imagination are one hundred percent your making. You are either creating them consciously or unconsciously. If you will create them unconsciously then just about anything will decide the nature of your life. If you can do it consciously then you can take charge of your destiny.
The only thing which separates humans from other animals is our ability to think, imagine, learn and remember things like no other creature. This is the greatest boon which nature has given to us but unfortunately, we’ve made a curse of it. Don’t you think by limiting ourself like this we are insulting nature? We are disrespecting the very source of creation.
So if you value your life and the life of other people around you then you must stop disrespecting the very source of life. You must take charge of your destiny and the only way to do this by giving some focused time to yourself.
If you will just start giving some time to yourself on a daily basis then you will see you will have a lot of control over your life. For your needs and even for your happiness you will not depend on others. You will become an independent person. And your relationships will become a means to express your joy and happiness. This will take them to another level.
So please give some time to yourself. Plan your life. Try to seek the answers to your questions and please stop pointing fingers. Learn to take responsibility for your life.

What Is Real Love?

Love is not about extracting something from someone. This is called using someone for a purpose. If this extraction is equal from both the side then it can be called a successful transaction but it can never be called love.
Love means giving. Some people might say if I give endlessly then what I will get in the end? I have an answer for this. If you really love someone then you will definitely become happy when the people you love will grow and do well in his/her life.

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