Unconditional Love

What is the real meaning of Unconditional Love…?

Whenever we hear the term unconditional love then suddenly few questions come to our mind. What is unconditional love? Does it exist in real life? We will find all the answers in this article. In addition to that, we will also explore all the intricacies related to it. So let’s begin.

What Is Unconditional Love?

The common answer to that question is – uncorrupted love which doesn’t ask anything in return. Many people here this answer and then they ask questions like – what is the difference between loving someone unconditionally and being a doormat? If you want answers to this questions then you must forget the classical definition of unconditional love. Now let me give you a new definition – Love which is strong and genuine enough that it makes our relationship last throughout our lifetime is unconditional love. The real problem is people are labeling their infatuation, lust or compulsions as love. My point is if the love is real then it must last throughout our life. Some sophisticated people will say that my love is real but I have to break my relationship because of my personal ambition or something else. I want you to understand that love is not a privilege. It’s a responsibility.

Does Unconditional Love Exist?

We all have faced the time in our life. When we feel like everyone around us are mean. All are selfish. They just think about themselves. A few months ago I also faced that time. It was around 5 AM, so I went to the roof of my house. I started brooding about everyone being mean. Suddenly I realize something when the gentle cold breeze touched me. I realize that the mother nature is giving me fresh air, rain, food, water etc without expecting anything in return. This is ultimate compassion or unconditional love. Almost every one of us has one or two friends who stood by us in our difficult times. Now we are willing to do anything for them because of their compassion and kindness. Our mother earth has given us everything without asking anything in return so why we aren’t willing to make the best of our lives which is a gift from her?



When I was famished I received the finest quality food.

All the abuses, shame, and ridicule vanished in a moment’s time.

The sweetest fruit a being can receive is nothing but the compassion of another being.

Blessed are those who enjoy it day in and out.

I drank a drop of it and now it has become an ocean within me.

A world like this is my aspiration.

May the time realize my dream.

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Desire To Conquer

There are a lot of people who complain that love has only given them pain. They think it’s better to become selfish then experiencing perpetual pain. Have you ever helped someone who is in need? If you would have helped that person with your heart then you would not be thinking of what you will get in return. After helping someone with all our heart we experience blissfulness. And this bliss is one hundred folds more intense than winning the lottery of $1 million. Similarly when we love someone then we experience sweetness and bliss within us. Right now you’re reading this and you may be resonating with Whatever I am saying. But I know that tomorrow when certain things will happen in your relationship then you will feel like a doormat.

What Is The Difference Between Loving Someone Unconditionally And Being A Doormat?

In my article, how to tell if a girl likes you I have said that before approaching the girl the first and the foremost thing that you must do is to find what your expectations are. Do you want her to be your girlfriend, a friend (with or without benefits) or you see her as your life partner. I don’t have any problem with anything but as a true friend, I will advise you to only invest your time and energy in things which means something to you.

All Are Not Capable Of Being A Meek

Let’s become straight with ourselves. We are not capable of being meek. Only a minuscule number of people are capable of it. The philosophy of showing your other cheek when someone slaps you on one doesn’t work in today’s society. This is because if you will show the other cheek and continue to show other body parts for beating then there are some brutal and cold-blooded people on the streets who will beat you to death. For any relationship it may be business, romantic or any other, it will only last when both the parties are benefited.

The Law Of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity states that:

whenever we help someone who is in need then that person develops an urged to repay us for our kindness or help.

I have given you the example of friends for whom we are willing to do anything because they helped us when we were in need. All this is fine but we cannot depend utterly on someone else’s compassion and kindness. We must form our relationships in such a way that both the parties are benefited. Let’s talk about a romantic relationship. If you want your relationship to last then you must know how compatible you are with that person.


If you will Google compatibility then it will show you zodiac sign compatibility, free astrology etcIn search results. India has seen many great astrologers. When Gautama Buddha was born some Yogi told his father that he will either become a very great emperor or sage. For Ramayana (Hindu scripture)it is said that the entire Ramayana was written before it actually happened. Like this, there are hundreds of stories. But still, in this culture, it is said that our life is our karma. This means that the way our life is or the quality of it is 100% because of our actions or Karma. Still in India, if you will go to any great astrologer and say that I am on the spiritual path then he will simply refuse to tell your future. This is because we can predict the future of any fool with almost one hundred percent accuracy. But for an intelligent person, we cannot say anything. It is true that planets have some impact on us. But your actions and will are the ultimate deciding factors. If you will not give your time to a relationship then it doesn’t matter where your planets are your relationship will fail.

Let’s Come Back To Our Topic – Unconditional Love

Astrology deviated us from our topic of discussion – unconditional love. So let’s come back to the topic. I told you to find out what your expectations are for your relationship. If you don’t see your relationship as a lifelong bond then there is no point of talking about unconditional love. But if you want a relationship to last throughout your life then you must look at each other’s life. Find out what all challenges or sacrifices you both have to make for your relationship. This is called checking the compatibility.

Peer Pressure

In my article, infatuation versus love… Who is the loser? I have said that a lot of people come in a relationship for the sake of being in one. This happens mainly because of peer pressure. If you will only invest your time and energy in doing things which mean something to you then you will not have any problem in distinguishing between real love and infatuation. You will have no problem in being receptive to your heart’s call if you don’t waste your time in doing trivial things.

Introspection and Retrospection

You must rethink and reconsider what your priorities are. I know that money is important but at the same time, our relationships are also important. In the quest for material well-being, a lot of people put their relationship at stake. Ultimately they acquire everything but still, they experience loneliness and discontentment. A lot of people complain that balancing their work and relationship is very difficult. It is only difficult for those who waste their time and energy on trivial things. If you will just do things which resonates with your core and heart then you will navigate to your life effortlessly.

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