Self Sabotage In Relationships

Self Sabotage In Relationships

The topic of this article is self sabotage in relationships. I can say a lot on this topic because nowadays relationships are all about self sabotage only. No one really cares about anyone these days. Wherever I go I only see indifference. Everyone is thinking how he/she can use the person who is standing in front of them for their well-being. The term self-love is created because people only think about themselves. People are little ashamed to say something like I am a selfish person so they invented the term self-love.

I don’t seek kindness because I am capable of handling my life gracefully. For me being happy and joyful is not a big deal. In my understanding, only weak, old and sick expect kindness from others.


No expectations from my side

You can show me indifference I do not mind.

You can be cold with me I do not have any issue.

I do not need your kindness. Please keep that with you.

In my understanding only weak, old, and sick expect kindness.

I am not one of them.

The one who is indifferent to the people around, no hatred from my side. I pity them.

They are ones who need love, compassion, kindness, and hugs.

Only the one who has love within can spread the love around.

Whatever we have are the only things we can give.

Indifferent ones have indifference within.

I feel for those poor beings.

May they find peace within.

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So it is not about kindness. I don’t have any problem with mean or selfish people because it is their life they can do whatever hell they want to do. The point is what they get in the end? The answer is incompleteness, misery, and turmoil. These are the only things most of the indifferent and mean people get in the end.

Wherever I Go One Thing Is Constant

In our society, I only see a minuscule amount of compassion and love. But I see indifference and barrenness in abundance. As I told I don’t have any problem with that but still, I want to help them. I want to help them because if they are resentful and indifferent with the people around them then I am one hundred percent sure that their heart is a barren land where nothing pleasant grows.

In my book Peace of mind say goodbye to boredom I have said that a person who is really happy within himself/herself will naturally do the sensible things.

For example, let us suppose I met during the time when you are very blissful then I am one hundred percent sure that you will greet me in a very nice way.

There is another side of the coin too. If I met you when you are very frustrated or stressed then it is possible that you may become nasty. Isn’t it?

Nowadays the negative side of the coin is dominating in our society which is very unfortunate. These days no one needs any reason to be sad and miserable. I know many people who have a lot in terms of material well-being but still, they are very miserable. On the surface, everything looks fine but if you will observe them little carefully then you notice that they are very insecure people.

The topic of this article is self sabotage in relationships. The truth is people have mastered the art of suffering. They hold Ph.D. in it because we can give them any damn thing but still they will find a way to suffer that.

Natural Inclination

Why people come in relationships? Some people who had very bitter experiences will say to self sabotage but the truth is people want to come together in a relationship because when they experience real intimacy then they feel very pleasant within them. In most of the cases, this same intimacy becomes a very big burden after some time.

Why do people want to become wealthy? The answer is because people think that affluence will bring comfort and well-being in their life or in other words they think affluence will bring happiness and stability in their life. But unfortunately in most of the cases opposite happens.

When people don’t have a partner then they have only one problem. Once they find someone then suddenly they realize that now they have to face one hundred problems.

When people are poor then they complain about their financial condition and cry. Once they become affluent then they start suffering high taxes. Nowadays millionaires and billionaires are the people who carry the dullest and the most depressed faces.

Our topic is self sabotage in relationships. As you can see human beings have mastered the art of sabotaging themselves.

Being Happy Or Miserable Is A Choice

People want to experience real intimacy and affluence in their life. They strive to achieve all these things because somewhere within them they think it will give them happiness and joyful. But in most of the cases, the opposite happens.

I have said this time in and time out in my article that happiness is not something which is hiding somewhere in Bermuda triangle. Happiness is within you. Being happy or miserable is a choice. It is not a consequence of external situations.

To experience real happiness you must give some time to yourself on daily basis. You must develop some rituals like walking, cycling, meditation, yoga etc.

In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I have given many simple yet powerful methods which you can very easily practice in your day to day life. This book will help you design your life the way you wanted. After reading this book joy, bliss, and happiness will become your constant companions.

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