Root causes of mood swings…Unmatchable insights are given in this article

This article is about a phenomenon that is increasing exponentially in our societies. The topic we’ll discuss today is mood swings.

Teenagers are facing the problem of mood swings like no one else. Other age people including middle-age people are not behind.

Nowadays everyone irrespective of age or gender is facing the problem of mood swings big time.

In this article, I’ll give you unmatchable insights that will help you understand the root causes of mood swings.


If you really want to eliminate the problem of mood swings then the only prerequisite is sincerity.

Eliminating the problem of mood swings is not a difficult task. You just need to become straight with your life by generating enough sincerity or seriousness within yourself.

Root causes of mood swings

Now I’m going to tell you about certain root causes of mood swings.

Only continue reading if you’re serious about eliminating the problem of mood swings from your life completely.

If you’ll read the following with required seriousness then I promise that you’ll never experience mood swings in your life.

  • Lack of physical work

Our body is made to work not to sit on a desk the entire day. Nowadays a lot of people especially youths are sitting on a couch watching Netflix and eating potato chips. They sit on the couch and eat potato chips so obviously they will become couch potato over a period of time.

If you are a couch potato then one thing is sure you do not know what health is. And if you are not physically healthy then mental health is out of the question.

If you do not go every day in a place where nature is alive and soak the energy of that place then mood swings are natural. If you cannot go to a place where nature is vibrant every day then at least once or twice a week try to do this.

This is important because without spending considerable time in the lap of Mother Nature, mental health, peace, and happiness will be out of the domain of your life.

  • Not looking at the reality

A few days ago I wrote a poem by the title- In love with grief. Read the poem after that we’ll continue our discussion.

In love with grief

Why you love your grief so much?

You call this being in sync with the status quo, hell with your status quo.

This is not normal, it’s weird.

You’re trying to control your compulsiveness instead of transcending it.

You’ll become weird.

There’s no other way.

Stop investing life on things trivial.

Show the courage to walk the path without taking U-Turns.

This is how you will know peace and happiness.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

So let’s come back to our discussion. Reality is always in front of our eyes. But there are a lot of creatures in this world who ignore it.

There are people who use all their ingenuity in running away from their problems. The problems which people face are not born overnight. They were in the manufacturing process for a very long time.

It doesn’t matter how dumb a person is. Every human being has enough intelligence to see the problems which they will face. If not 100% then almost 90% of the problems that we face, we were aware of for a long time.

We know from the very beginning that if we’ll not do what is needed to be done then we will collide with this problem. 90% of our problems are like this. Do you have the sincerity to admit it?

The truth is we know what all crises we’ll face if we do not do what we must do. But very few people take the necessary steps to avoid those crises from becoming a reality.


When people have the time they waste it by investing it on trivial things. They go partying and clubbing and drink excessively without looking at the reality which is in front of their eyes.

It’s like this, suppose you will start ignoring the existence of the vehicles in front of you whilst driving, what will happen?

You’ll crash. But what amazes me is people are surprised after the crash. You were ignoring what was in front of your eyes so the crash was inevitable.

I know a lot of people who will crash like this and I even know those fools will be surprised after the crash. I’ve warned them and they also know somewhere within themselves that they are ignoring what’s in front of their eyes. But still, they will be surprised after the crash. What to do with these kinds of idiots?

  • Compulsive Habits

In my article, depression symptoms I’ve said that a depressed person compulsively and recklessly indulges himself/herself in drug abuse, excessive drinking, sex, or binge-watching of pornographic content, etc. 

These compulsive habits are the major reasons for mood swings. Our societies are facing the problem of mood swings big time because compulsive habits are rising.

To help people transcend their compulsiveness I’ve written a book Transcend Compulsiveness. The rise of compulsiveness is directly proportional to the rise of depression and other mental health diseases.

In this book, I’ve given powerful and feasible methods that will help you overcome any type of compulsion namely drug abuse, drinking, binge eating, excessive indulgence in sex, etc.

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