Relationship Is More Important Than Money

Relationship Is More Important Than Money

Is relationship more important than money? Well, everyone knows that money can buy happiness. There is no doubt about this. Money can certainly buy happiness but it can never give us the assurance that our happiness will be with us in a long run. When it comes to long-term happiness, money or finance alone cannot give any assurance.
So in life relationships and true love are important and they do play a very major role in one’s life. People who give paramount importance to their finance and career sooner or later realize this fact that money alone is not enough. So how a relationship is more important than money?

Law of Familiarity

It is a human tendency that whenever we buy a new car, house, phone or anything else then for few days or weeks we are very excited. After some time we tend to take it for granted. This is a law of familiarity, it states that when a person has a lot of anything then he will take some part of it for granted.
It is difficult for many people to accept that after some time even affluence will become boring. But the matter of the fact is it becomes boring.
It doesn’t matter who we are. From a beggar to a multi-billionaire everyone wants to be something more than what they are at present. Everyone constantly seeks a way or an opportunity to improve or grow in some area of his/her life. If we want something and if that something happens, we want something else. If that happens, we want something else. It is an endless process. Doesn’t matter what we will get it will never be enough. So what can be done about it? Let’s find it out.

Why Many Multi-Billionaires Become Philanthropist

There are millionaires and billionaires who were compassionate from the very starting. In addition to that, there are few who were very arrogant, stiff and competitive in the beginning. This type of people also softens up after some time because they somewhere realize within themselves that their affluence alone can’t give them the sense of completion. The only way to be truly happy is to ensure that we are continuously growing in some area of life. When it comes to affluence after some time you will reach the plateau. There are many forces which stop a person or a company to become a monopoly. So in order to feel complete such person goes in philanthropy. In order to sustain happiness, we must ensure that we are growing in some area of our life.

Money Is Important But..

I’m not saying that money is not important in life and we must not aspire to be wealthy or affluent. All I’m saying is that affluence alone is not enough to sustain happiness in long run.  We must strive to focus on all the aspects of our life namely finance, career, family, relationships, recreation etc. A balance is required in life if we want happiness insurance. I’ve just discovered new word happiness insurance. I think it’s pretty COOL. What do you think?

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