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The Pros and Cons of Teenage Relationships

This article is about the pros and the cons of teenage relationships. I don’t know the exact percentage but as far as I have seen more than 95% of the teenage relationships don’t last. Nowadays very few relationships last long. There are very few people who give a lifelong commitment to their partner which is very unfortunate.

On first glance, the life of most of the couples looks just fine but when we observe them little carefully then we realize that they are very insecure within themselves. This is because all the excitement which they experienced in the initial stage of their relationship is now vanished. This article is about teenage relationships. Let’s throw some light on it.


When we come out of our teenage and look back at it then we can’t believe that we were the ones who did all those nasty things.

I thank God because he didn’t give me all those things which I asked him when I was in my teenage. If he would have realized all my wishes then I’m one hundred percent sure that it would have destroyed my life completely. I am saying this because I know people whose wishes have been realized. They have destroyed their life to a point from where recovery is not possible. I am sure that all those people who just came out of their teenage can relate to it.

There is a Big Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

It is unfortunate that most of the people have made themselves in such a way that they cannot realize their mistakes until and unless they experience pain. All those people must experience pain and suffering because without that they cannot grow in their life.

We live in a society where no one gives a damn about anyone. Indifference is rising in our society like never before. This rising levels of indifference give the maximum amount of beating to the teenagers.

If someone wants to really grow in his/her life and experience a sense of contentment then the first and the foremost that he/she must do is to ensure that they are emotionally stable. The most important part of any building is not its interior or exterior decoration. A solid and stable foundation is the fundamental prerequisite for any building to stand long. A tall building cannot be constructed without a firm foundation.

It is very unfortunate that our societies and education systems don’t strive to bring emotional stability in the individual human beings.

The situation is very alarming. In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I have given very powerful and effective ways which will ensure your emotional stability. You can very easily use the methods given in this book in your day to day life.

Emotional Heart versus the Logical Head

This article is about teenage relationships. Teenage is the time when a lot of things happen in our physiology for the first time. Let us talk about one of the most asked questions. The question is whom should I listen the head or the heart? In this article, I will give you the best answer.

In teenage, the emotions are very volatile. A lot of people never mature in their life so they have volatile emotions in their adulthood and old age too. Well, I can’t come up with enough bad words to describe such people so let’s leave them and move forward.

I am one hundred percent sure that every one of us might have encountered a lot of confusion in our life because we don’t understand whom to listen the head or the heart?

The success rate of teenage relationships and all the other relationships will go up exponentially if all of us understand what I am going to tell.

What people call as their heart is not an organ. Their heart means their emotions or the way they feel within themselves. And obviously, their head means their thought process and logic. Let me tell you one thing very significant they are not two separate things because the way you feel is the way you think and vice versa. They may differ from each other for some time but sooner or later they come in sync with each other.

Why You Are In a Hurry When You Have a Lot of Time?

There are few moments in our life which demands us to take quick decisions. But there is no such need or demand when it comes to a decision of choosing our partner. Still, a lot of people don’t give themselves enough time before taking such decisions and they pay the very big price for that.

Before taking such decisions it is very important that our heart and head both comes in sync with each other. As I told in teenage emotions are very volatile because no one really cares these days to ensure emotional stability in growing kids. So bringing our head and heart in sync before taking important decisions is indispensable.

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