Postpartum Depression… [Contains all the causes and their treatment]

This article is on postpartum depression. Some women after delivering their child go into depression. This depression may have manifested because of various reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss all the reasons in their full depth and breadth.

After reading this article you’ll get over your postpartum depression completely.   


Relationship with your husband will change

If you have ever been through the pain of breaking out from a relationship or losing a loved one then you might know that the pain is not just in the mind. The entire body experiences pain. It feels like a part of you has been torn from your body. This happens because the memory imprints are acquired in the entire body not just in the mind.

In a physical relationship, this heap of memory impressions is huge. When a woman conceives all these memory prints are transferred in her baby.

After delivery, most women experience this in a very big way. Suddenly their husband for whom they had a lot of love in their heart starts looking like a stranger.

If this is your problem then you have to understand and accept it. After this just strive to rekindle your relationship with your spouse.

Unwillingness to take responsibilities

Many modern women are unwilling to take the burden of responsibilities. It is alright to go forward with this attitude when just two people (husband and wife) are there in the picture.

But when another person or persons (child or children) come in the picture then refusing to take responsibility is a crime against humanity.

Nowadays there is a very big global moment against the crimes committed on females. There are many feminists who will make every convo into a verbal war against men.

Why crimes against women are rising?

  1. Do you know what most of the parents are doing to give their child/children a good upbringing? The answer is- ZILCH.
  2. The education system, well we do not have any education system, we have an eunuch manufacturing system which is all about commerce. Gone are days when education was about the holistic development of a human being.  
  3. Commercial forces are going berserk. They will do anything to serve the economy even at the cost of destroying our lives.

No one has any problem with these things but they go insane when they witness a sharp increase in rapes, drug abuse, murders, alcohol consumption, etc.

Good upbringing is a sacred responsibility of every parent and society. But unfortunately, humans have not invested enough in it.

Worried about your physical appearance after delivery?

Many women are worried about their physical appearance after delivery because they fear they may get stretch marks, become overweight, do not look the same as they were before conception, etc.

Let me tell you the story of Indian wrestler Mary Kom who became a paragon of women wrestling in India. In 2005 she married a former Indian footballer. She delivered two twin sons in the year 2007 and her third son in the year 2013. After having kids she decided to give time to her family and kids.

After some time her family was hit by catastrophe. They faced financial problems and she realized that all her fame is gone. After that, she decided to make a comeback but it was not easy as a woman’s body goes through a lot of change during and after pregnancy.

But she was determined to come out of the dark tunnel. Just one year after the birth of her third son she won the gold medal in Asian games 2014.

Marilyn Monroe

In my article on attention-seeking behavior, I’ve talked about Marilyn Monroe. During her golden time, she reached the perks of stardom. She acquired a lot of wealth and fame in her life.

From a very young age, she became an attention seeker. She used to dress in a certain way so that it catches the attention of the people around her. She engineered her tone of voice, body language and other things in such a way that no one can go untouched by her charm.

She cast a spell on everyone who came in her contact. But as time passes her charm and elegance start fading. She became terrorized because the attention that she used to receive was her only source of happiness.

To regain her beauty and elegance she tried so many things. But unfortunately, it is almost impossible to reverse the aging process. After some time she lost her mental balance as she lost all the attention that she used to receive. In the end, she committed suicide.

So if you fear the changes your body has gone through after pregnancy then you have two options. You can either become like Mary Kom or Marilyn Monroe. I hope you will choose to come out victorious like Mary Kom.

I hope this article was helpful in understanding and overcoming postpartum depression. If you have any other complexity then please concern a doctor.

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