Why Have Some People Commitment Issues

Why Have Some People Commitment Issues?

Many of my friends want to know why people cheat in a relationship. The answer to that question is because they have commitment issues. Now the question is why some people have massive problems when it comes to commitment. In this article, we will find out why some people have commitment issues? A lot of people want to know this so let’s find out.

How To Distinguish Between Love And Infatuation?

In my article, infatuation vs love I said that people face a tremendous amount of confusion as they are not able to distinguish between love and infatuation. All this insanity is because people are just wasting their precious time in doing things which don’t mean anything to them.

The Man With Unbeatable Logic…

Adi Shankaracharya was the greatest debater of all time. At that time there was a tradition that the loser of the debate will become a disciple of the winner. All the great philosophers and scholars across the globe challenged him in a debate but all of them were defeated.
During his pilgrim to Kashi which is also known as Varanasi or Banaras. Kashi is the oldest city of this planet. The Banaras Hindu University claims that it is more than 7000 years old. Gautama Buddha also went there to give his teachings. When scholars of Nalanda University (which is considered as the greatest university of all time) went there, they said that Nalanda University is just a drop of knowledge which fell from Kashi.
So during his Pilgrim, Adi Shankaracharya was walking in the streets of Kashi along with his 14 ardent disciples. Suddenly Shankaracharya saw a very old man who was trying to learn the grammar of Sanskrit language.
Watching him Shankaracharya became very angry and said fool the rules of grammar which you are learning will not help you during your death. He advised him to turn his mind in the adoration of the divine. His famous hymn Bhaja Govindam is said to be composed after this event.
You might be thinking how this story is related to our topic of commitment issues? Don’t worry stay with me. You will find all your answers. So the composition Bhaja Govindam consists of thirty-three verses. In that, there is one line which is relevant to all of us. That line is Nischalatattve Jeevan Mukti which means that the one who is never moving or looking away from the direction in which he has to go, to that person nothing can be denied.

I Have Already Answered Your Question

Our question was why have some people commitment issues? Well, I have already answered your question. Now let me tell you very clearly about the answer.
Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who keep on changing their direction of life perpetually. One day they think this is cool so they go after it. Next day they find something else and they think that is cool. So they start chasing that. Here I am not just talking about couples and relationships. There are many people who are in this state of functioning within them. They function like this in all the areas of life because of this they never make any significant growth in any area.

Why Have Some People Commitment Issues?

If you will keep on shifting your focus or a direction of life frequently then one thing is sure. You will not go anywhere. You will just go in circles.
When I say you must focus on single direction then this doesn’t mean you must leave everything and become a monk. Let me tell you a very funny story.
It once happened that the monk from India went to London to speak at one of the most prestigious university. At the immigration desk a man asked that monk are you married? The monk replied, can’t you see my dress and Garland? I am a monk.
The man said alright but are you missing something in your life? The monk said off course I am missing one thing badly in my life. Most the humans can’t live without that. I miss PROBLEMS in my life. Lol.
When we are in pleasant states within ourself than at those moments we have clarity. During those moments whatever you have decided for yourself go for it without changing directions. You will never have any commitment issues in your life. If you have not decided yet then bring yourself in a pleasant state. You don’t have to wait for that just read these two following blogs. They will help you in creating pleasantness within you.
How depression affects relationships
Stress in relationships
After deciding, don’t change your direction. Treat it as if they are lines on the stone. Let me tell you some facts about our brain. Whenever you will try to come out of your comfort zone then your mind will play million different tricks to deceive you. It will come up with all types of logic.
You have to go through life situations. Some day you will find something which your mind will perceive as a cool thing. You will be tempted to go in that direction but remember if you will change the direction of your life then you shall not go anywhere.
So whatever you have decided in a pleasant and clear state of mind stick to it. Even if you have to face hardships for some amount of time then also it doesn’t matter. You stick to it because that is where your true prosperity is. This is the best way to ensure your well-being.

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