Irresistible qualities which ATTRACT FEMININE

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About This Book

This book doesn’t give lame advice like talk to your best friend about your problems, think positively, be optimistic, take a break from life and travel somewhere etc.

We all know these bits of advice never give any significant results. We all know this by experience. They work in a hanky panky way.

This book comes with money back guarantee. If you will not get any significant results in 20 days then you can message me I will return your money without asking any question.

I am very confident that these methods will give you miraculous results. This book will change your life forever.

These tips will help you with each and every aspect or area of life.

What Is Different About This Book?


As I told this book will not give you silly bits of advice like be optimistic or talk to your best friend.


Nowadays the number of people who are facing depression and other mental illnesses are increasing exponentially. On the other hand, the amount of comforts and physical well-being we are enjoying is also increasing exponentially.


Now the question is if our physical comforts and conveniences are increasing then we must see less tension and depression around but the opposite is happening. WHY?


This is because we are not handling the fundamentals of life properly. This book will help you handle these fundamentals effectively.

How Effective Is This Book


I wrote this book because I want to change the way people are feeling within themselves. I want them to be blissful and delightful. I want to kill their depression and bad moods forever.


The price of this book is 36 USD  23.99 USD. The prices may go up because I am giving a lot of value in this book. SO BUY NOW.


This book will provide you very simple yet powerful methods. This book will kill your depression forever. In just a week you will overcome your depression. There will be a noticeable change in your health, mood, and confidence.

About The Author


Paras Shivhare is a founder of It is a site about love and relationships. In that site, he writes on topics like abusive relationships, ADHD in adults and relationships, why people cheat in a relationship etc. He has also written about breakups and divorce on his blog.


Luvleela is for those who value their relationship. It is for those who want their relationship to last forever. He writes how relationships can become a synonym of joy and happiness instead of pain and suffering.


With that, offers tools like this e-book with an intention to help people overcome their depression.


He wants that everyone’s relationship to last forever but at the same time, he encourages everyone to leave a person who is abusive or has cheated on you. He doesn’t advise to take straight away quick actions when it comes to a decision of leaving someone or breaking a relationship. He suggests that first, we must give some time to ourselves to analyze the situation well and accordingly take actions.


He is committed to bringing well-being in other’s life.


He has read more than 900 books in his entire life and at the time of writing this book he is 20. The theme of those books ranges from human behavior, psychology, neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP, politics, business, investing, marketing, and even history.


In addition to that, he has read many blogs and has watched countless videos on these topics.


So he is someone who has a very good knowledge about all these things. He is particularity very good in understanding human behavior.


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