What To Do When You Are Bored

I’m Bored…What To Do When You Are Bored…?

Nowadays it is almost impossible to pass a day without hearing the phrase I’m bored from someone. All my friends, cousins, and relatives perpetually ask me why you don’t get bored? I reply them – I’m boredom proof. After reading this article you will also become boredom proof.

When my cousins come to my house on any festivals like Diwali or Rakshabandhan then the only thing they utter is- I’m bored. My grandmother keeps on telling me and my cousins that when I was of your age I didn’t know what boredom is.

Well, she has thrown a light on a very significant aspect. In this contemporary world, we have an access to everything. We can know and buy things with just a click of a button.

On the other hand, the generation of our grandparents had no television, internet or smartphones but still, they were untouched by boredom. We can question their peace of mind or mental stability but we cannot question the fact that they were boredom proof.

Do You Want To Get Over Boredom?

The first and the foremost thing you must do is to ask yourself – Do you want to get over boredom? You may think what type of stupidity is this? Trust me this step is very important.

If you will ask this question to yourself and answer it yes then it will send a very strong message to your subconscious mind. Only after answering yes to that question your mind will strive to get over boredom.

On the other hand, if you will not take this first step then you will be just beating your head on the wall.

Now you must think what you can do to get over the state of boredom. In my article, how to tell if a girl likes you…? I have said that before approaching a girl it is very important that you ask yourself what your expectations are. Do you see her as your life partner, girlfriend or you are just infatuated with her.

You might be thinking how all this expectation thing can help me when I’m bored? It can certainly help you. Let me explain how.

Are You Straight?

Don’t worry I’m not going to question your sexual orientation. Being straight means are you straight with your life.

Do you really know what your expectations are? Ask yourself what must happen in your life right now or in near future which will take you out of the boredom? Please be practical whilst answering this question. Don’t answer something like Shakira must become my wife or I should win the lottery of $100 million. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

Question Your Straightness With Sincerity

A few days ago my cousin brother came to my house on the occasion of Rakshabandhan (It is an Indian festival in which sisters tie a thread on their brother’s hand and brothers take an oath to protect their sisters).

My cousin brother aspires to go in IIM (Indian Institute of Management). To go in IIM one has to clear CAT which is one of the toughest exams of the world.

On his second day in my house, he said I’m bored. So abruptly I questioned his straightness by asking him do you really want to clear CAT?

If you are cent percent straight with your life then there will be no room for boredom in your life. So the next time whenever you feel bored tell yourself that one way or the other you are deceiving yourself.

Get Over Your Compulsions

In my article, alcohol, and relationship; what about this cocktail…? I have said that I don’t have any problem with drinking, drug abuse etc. Who am I to tell you to stop and start doing something?

But as a true friend, I don’t want you to be called a coward. You can do whatever you want to do but you must not be dependent on something to get you over your life problem.

I don’t want you to run away from your problems. I want you to be brave. Face your problems and strive to find a solution. Stop trying to seek solace.

Our Hearts Have Turned Into Stones

Compulsive habits like drug abuse, smoking, drinking etc give us a temporary rush. During that time pleasure giving hormones like dopamine secrets in abundance which takes a person in the temporary euphoric state.

In my book, TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS I have said that this type of compulsive habits makes a person insensitive to other beautiful things. I have also given very potent methods which you can use in your day to day life which will one hundred percent help you get over your compulsive habits.

An alcoholic or a drug addict can never really experience the bliss of a cold breeze. They can never experience a pleasure to witness the sunrise or sunset. They can’t even smile back to an innocent child.

In this contemporary world, we witness all types of brutal things. Indifference is rising in our society exponentially. The one and the only culprit for all this is human cowardice. We are not brave enough to face our life’s problems. We don’t seek a solution rather we have developed a habit of seeking solace.



I question the sensitivity of our hearts.

As it has become incompetent of being receptive to other’s life and its existence.

Why this narcissism which is another word for selfishness is rising?

Isn’t treating other’s life with relevancy indispensable?

For me, it is of paramount importance as my heart beats for all.

But I experience pain to witness barren hearts.

I question this cold-bloodedness.

Why have many hearts hardened themselves into stones?

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

Bring Value To Your Life

In my article, how to get out of the friend zone? I have said that nowadays a lot of people are propagating the philosophy of loving ourselves.

Krishna explained all this convoluted thing in just one sentence. For people who are not familiar with Indian culture, Krishna played a very important role in the battle of Mahabharata. He is considered as a god and the avatar( reincarnation) of Lord Vishnu himself.

When the war of Mahabharata was on. Arjuna who is considered as the greatest archer of all time and also a friend of Krishna is asking a lot of questions to Krishna about life and the ultimate truth of life.

These questions and answers are Bhagwat Gita. In Bhagwat Gita, Krishna said Yogastaha Kuru Karmani which means that without working on oneself if someone will try to go through the process of life then burnout is guaranteed.

You might have also seen this in your life. It is not the situation which makes people stressed or tensed. It is the way they handle it. For instance, one person may experience a tremendous amount of stress whilst facing a certain situation. On the other hand, another person may go through the same situation effortlessly.

So it is our competence and skill which decides the quality of life not the circumstances or situations we face. So it is very important to work on ourselves first.

Be Grateful

Have you ever thought how lucky you are to have a roof over your head? Having a clean drinking water to drink, good food to eat, the roof over the head etc are not small things. Everyone on this planet is not fortunate enough.

The more unfortunate thing is people who have all these resources in abundance have taken it for granted. Stop taking things without which you can’t even imagine your life for granted.

Twice a day, think about all the things which you are grateful for. Do this ritual daily.

Get Over Conquering Mode

A lot of people desperately trying to achieve or become something. Some people take this too far. I am not against being ambitious but I definitely don’t preach a lot of seriousness which makes a person unavailable to enjoy the juice of life.

The following are the sketches of Lord Krishna and Gautama Buddha respectively. I made them a few months ago.

Having a dream and chasing it is a very good thing indeed. But we must also give time to our hobbies, family and other things which we love. We must invest some amount of time in doing things which bring value and happiness in our life.

There Is Only One Aspiration

In my article, how to deal with the agony of unrequited love or one sided love…? I have said that there are umpteen types of people but all of them have just one aspiration.

People may be trying to seek affluence, power, fame etc but the only impetus behind all these activities is a desire to experience happiness and pleasure. If you will look at it in a certain way then you will find that people only aspire to drink more life juice or in other words, we just want to experience our life more effervescently.

This wisdom will help you understand why boredom frustrates us. Most of the people block their growth by not asking right questions to themselves or by choosing to be a coward.

What To Do When You’re Bored?

In my book Peace of mind say goodbye to boredom I have said that rumination or brooding can never give us the solution of the big problem. This is because the mindset or the state of mind which created a particular problem, that same mindset or state of mind can’t solve that problem.

Have you ever noticed that we get breakthroughs or solutions of any problem when we don’t expect them? I get a lot of great ideas when I go for a morning walk or in my bathroom. Like this, I have shared many facts in that book I have also given many practical methods which you can use to get over boredom and stagnation.

In this article, I have explained all the intricacies and causes of boredom. I hope now you will never say I’m bored in your life again.

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