How To Text A Girl

How To Text A Girl…?

This article is about how to text a girl. I will try to cover all the aspect related to this topic in this article. So let’s start exploring the science of texting.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You?

In my article, how to tell if a girl likes you I’ve said that the first thing that you must do is -figure out what you are expecting. This step is of paramount importance because without clarity angst will engulf you in no time.

So the first and foremost thing that you must do is to look within yourself and seek an answer to the question- what you are expecting?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person. I don’t have any problem with your expectations but as a true friend, I have an advice for you.

The advice is- invest your time and energy only in things which mean something to you. There is no sense in wasting our valuable time and energy on trivial things. This is a very brief life so the most sensible thing that we can do is only go after things which means a lot to us.

Some people come in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. There are people who desperately try to come in a relationship as soon as possible.

Solace versus Solution

There are a lot of people who live in la-la land. They think that if they will come in a relationship then all their life problems will cease.

Our topic of discussion is how to text a girl? I’m not deviating from our topic. I will come on that. Before coming on that it is very important that we discuss all the other aspects related to the theme of this article.

Some wise man said that little knowledge is very dangerous. I don’t want to give you half or little knowledge that is why I am discussing all these things with you.

Look the matter of the fact is happiness is within. It’s not hiding in some mountain cave. It’s within us.

There are two types of people. One knows how to live happily and the other is at the mercy of other people and situations around them for their happiness and mental stability.

It’s A Choice

Happiness is a choice. It’s not a consequence of certain external situations happening in our favor. People think that money can make them happy. Some people think that fame can give them a sense of completion.

But we all know that there are many rock stars and pop stars who have committed suicide. People loved them and some people still love them after their death.

With all regards and respects to their feeling, I want to say that committing a suicide is not a cool thing. It’s the stupidest thing a human being can do.

Love is a beautiful thing there is no doubt about it. But there are a lot of people who want to run away from their problems instead of facing them.

In the rush to run away from problems people use umpteen type of methods. Desperately trying to come in a relationship as soon as they can is one of them.

People’s mind is hardwired to seek solace. Let me define solace for you. Solace means the temporary fix for a big problem.

If big problems are ignored for a long period of time then they take hideous forms. So we must always strive to find out the root cause of any problem so that we can find a solution which will fix that permanently.

Before answering the question, what your expectations are? Please do consider all these things. Now let’s come to our topic of discussion which is- how to text a girl?

How to text a girl?


The derailment is the worst thing that can happen in someone’s life. It is very important that our life always remains on right track.

In my article, how social media affects relationship I have said that social media platforms and instant messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc dump a lot of information in our minds.

A lot of people don’t use these apps wisely. They use it compulsively which overwhelms their mind with information. This information overload takes their ability to think straight.

So if you really want to become a pro in texting then the first and foremost thing that you must do is to get over your cell phone addiction.

If you will compulsively use your cell phone perpetually then you will inevitably lose your ability to think sensibly.

How To Get Over Cell Phone Addiction?

I have written a book TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS with an objective to help people get over their compulsive habits like binge-watching cell phone, smoking, drinking, drug addiction, porn addiction etc.

This book is not like other books which are available in the market or the internet. Most of the books say things like smoking, drinking, and drug addiction is bad. To do something in life one must stay away from all these things.

I don’t see anything as good or bad. For me, there is no low or high. So in this book, I have said- nothing is good or bad. It all depends on how someone uses it.

This book is not against anything. It will just tell you that sense is paramount because if someone has sense and perception then for that person even poison will become an elixir.

The beauty of this book is it will not tell you that something is bad rather it will give you very simple yet powerful methods which will pulverize your dependence on them.

The methods given in this book are one hundred percent practical. This book also comes with a money back guarantee. After the purchase, if you are not satisfied with the book then your money will be returned.

#Don’t reply too fast

As I told to become a pro in texting the first thing that you must do is to stop binge-watching your phone.

Texting must not overwhelm your mind. To avoid this you must continue doing all your daily activities.

You must strive to not develop inch to reply instantly. Ideally, you must only check and reply to your messages on WhatsApp or messenger just once in a day.

What Must You Text?

The theme of this article is how to text a girl. Now let me tell you what you must text.

The objective must be to set a meeting with that girl. Try to call that girl for dinner, lunch, movie or anywhere else.

This is because genuine results will only come when you will spend quality time with her.

To teach people what they must do to get genuine results I have written a book  Irresistible qualities which ATTRACT FEMININE.

This book will talk about certain qualities or actions which are turn-ons and turn-offs for the feminine. For example, hygiene and the way we smell is very important for the feminine. Bad hygiene can turn off a girl and you may lose before you start.

Like this many turn-ons and turn-offs are there in this book. It is written in a very lucid way so you will not have any problem in understanding them. This book will not fail to give you genuine results.

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