How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You?

The first and foremost thing that happens when people fall in love with someone is a secretion of hormones.

In the initial stage of love, people get overwhelmed by it which blocks their ability to think straight.

So how to tell if a guy likes you? This article will give you one hundred percent practical methods to find the answer to this question.

In addition to that, I’ll also throw light on all the intricacies related to it. So let’s begin throwing light.

Head or heart

In my article on abusive relationships, I have explained how our head and heart are connected.

Metaphorically we refer our emotions or the way we feel within ourselves as the heart. And our logic and thinking process is referred to as head or brain.

The way we think or imagine is the way we feel and vice versa. What can we conclude from this?

If we are thinking and imagining pleasant things then automatically we’ll feel pleasant. On the other hand, if we will focus on unpleasant things through brooding and nasty imaginations then misery is a natural consequence of that.

You might be thinking how all this is related to our topic of discussion how to tell if a guy likes you?

Let me tell you the connection

Our head and heart are not two distinct things. They are directly connected with each other.

For some time they may differ from each other but sooner or later they come in sync with each other.

If we will give enough time to ourselves so that our heart and head can come on same ground then we can avoid a lot of unnecessary drama and suffering in our life.

All this information can help you in finding the answer to your question- how to tell if a guy likes you?

Stability is of paramount importance

Goodbye Depression

In my book, Goodbye! DEPRESSION I’ve said that stability is of paramount importance. This is because when people are in an unstable state of overwhelming hormonal rush or anything else then they lose their sense and invite unnecessary troubles.

In addition to that, I have also given many powerful tips which can help you get over your depression effortlessly.

Ask yourself a question

Now it’s time to ask yourself a question. The question is- What are your expectations?

Be very specific and clear about your expectations. This is the first step in bringing clarity in a chaotic situation.

How to tell if a guy likes you?

How to ask a girl out

If you are a very outgoing or extrovert person who meets new people on daily bases then you might have observed what I am going to tell you.

When girls fall in love then they become more beautiful. They smile, laugh, and walk with a certain amount of grace and joy. On the other hand, when boys fall in love then they start doing idiotic things.

We cannot generalize this but most of the girls are very good at expressing their feeling. This comes naturally to them while on the other hand, the nature of the masculine is such that it is very hard for him to express his feeling.

So when he makes the attempt at expressing his feeling then inevitably he does many stupid things. This is not true for all men. Some men are very good at expressing themselves.

And there are also many women who are very bad at expressing themselves. So the more appropriate way of saying this will be- feminine is good at expressing their feeling and masculine act stupid when they fall in love or have to express their feelings.

So far we have discussed the connection between the head and the heart and fundamental difference in the nature of feminine and masculine. Now lets us see how to tell if a guy likes you?

The best way is…

The best way is certainly to express your feeling to him. Now you might think that there are other indirect ways of knowing the truth. Why to directly express ourselves? One reason is already discussed above. A lot of men are very bad in expressing themselves.

Before expressing yourself it is very important that you know what your expectations are. You must know whether you want a lifelong relationship or a short-term relationship.

If you are looking for a short-term relationship then directly expressing yourself is the best way. But if you want a lifelong relationship with that man then you must consider other things too before expressing yourself.

Is he a player?

There are men who will accept or reject your proposal without considering your feeling because they are cold-blooded players. And of course, there are men who are just interested in one thing.

Another thing which you must consider is whether this person is the person with whom you can really live your entire life.

Now you must pay attention because I will be dropping gems. How to know- Is he the one with whom you can spend your entire life?


You might have received advice like- if you want to know a person then you must spend more time with him. This advice is great but there is a little problem with that approach.

Before coming out of the houses people wear masks. Only a minuscule amount of people show their real face.

The way a person behaves when he is alone speaks everything about that person. No one wears a mask in the protected and comfortable atmosphere of their house.

But we can never see a person in that state because for that we either have to place secret cameras in his house or we must have certain occult powers.

So how to see the real side or the real face of a person when he is wearing a mask? The answer is you must see how they eat their food.

The way a person is in his dining table is the fundamental quality of that person. After reading this article you must observe and check whether I am right or wrong.

Suppose a person screams and shouts while eating his food then you must conclude that this person is an angry person. If someone eats food like animals then this means that this person is full of lust or he only aspires for the pleasures of the flesh.

Let’s talk about a person who keeps on talking whilst eating food then this means this person only knows talking. If someone eats food in a very sad or frustrated state of mind then you can conclude that he is a depressed person.

If someone eats food very lovingly and joyfully then you must know that he is a gem because this type of person is rare. This one is a loving, joyful, and contentful person.

It is difficult to a find a happy and loving face in this contemporary world. Now you may ask why all this is true? Well, you can observe the people around you and see.

You must not believe this before observing people. After observing if you see that whatever I said is true then you must start eating your food joyfully.

This article was about how to tell if a guy likes you. To find the answer to this question you must consider all the things which I told you in this article.

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