how to stop thinking about someone

How To Stop Thinking About Someone?

This article is about how to stop thinking about someone. We will first understand, why someone wants to stop thinking about someone? And we’ll also explore questions like- Is it really possible to stop thinking about someone? So let’s begin.

Why Do You Want To Stop Thinking About Someone?

Yes, it is impossible to stop thinking about someone but it is feasible to regain your lost peace and joy.
Let us do an experiment with you. This experiment will tell you why it is impossible to stop thinking about someone.
For the next 10 seconds think about anything but don’t think about MONKEYS.
Don’t think about MONKEYS.
I know you’ve failed this experiment by thinking about monkeys. This experiment tells us something about the way our mind works. If I will tell someone not to think about a certain thing then the first thing he/she will do is- think about that thing.
If we’ll tell people not to do a certain thing then automatically those people will develop a compulsive urge to do that thing and ultimately they will end up doing that thing.
What Can Be Done To Regain Peace and Joy?
So if you’ll tell yourself to not think about someone then thinking about that person will become your all-time job.
But still, I am saying regaining your lost peace and joy is possible. If you want to regain them then you must understand that thinking about someone or something is not the real problem.
The real problem is compulsive thinking or thinking diarrhea which drains our energy, peace, and joy completely.
This article will tell you how you can regain your lost peace and joy. So just relax and keep on reading.

How to stop thinking about someone?

#Is That Person or Thing Really Important?
The first and the foremost thing that you must do to regain your lost peace and joy is to ask yourself a very straight-forward question, and that question is- Is that person or thing really important?
Ask yourself is it worth spending your time and draining your energies on that person or thing? Most of the time our mind goes in the state of thinking diarrhea simply because we have started investing our time and energy on things which are not important in our life.
So if you will honestly ask yourself this question then in a moment you will regain your lost peace and joy. But sometimes asking this question takes an enormous amount of courage.
#Have You Traveled In The Wrong Direction?
Is that person or thing worth investing your valuable time and energy? Some people experience a tremendous amount of turmoil and pain whilst answering this question with honesty. WHY?
The answer is because they have traveled a lot in the direction which is exactly opposite to the right direction. A few days ago I wrote a poem called PREJUDICE. Please pardon me for using strong words and language. Please read the poem then we will continue to explore the answer to the question- how to stop thinking about someone?


Knows not a thing about life.

Used their minds extensively in the wrong direction.
Based on their hallucinations and prejudices they have had been thinking and doing genocides with a very big sense of pride.
You know not a thing about life.
Suffering till eternity is your fate not the residence of perverts which you call heaven.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

Some people spend years of their life traveling in the wrong direction. Now turning around is not easy because it will make them look like an idiot. Accepting that whatever you have had been doing was unnecessary, this will demand a lot from any human being.

How To Turn Around Gracefully?

First of all, it’s hard for any person to accept that he/she was traveling on the wrong path but at the same time accepting this is worthwhile. Now the question is how to turn around gracefully?
Turning around is once again a changeling task but it can be done. HOW?
I had a very long list of to read books and the size of that list is growing by the day. In the last 2-3 years, I have read more than 300 books. Just a few days ago I was reading a book. I had enjoyed reading that book but when I finished reading it, I was not feeling good.
After introspection, I realized that what I was feeling is very similar to the feeling which a person experiences after breaking out from a relationship or losing a loved one.

Why Breaking Up Hurts?

Why I experienced pain after completing a book which is similar to the pain of losing someone or breaking out from a relationship?
I experienced that pain because stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.
In my article, how to deal with the agony of unrequited love or one-sided love I have said that unrequited love hurts because after experiencing the initial pain people start stagnating their life.
First, they stop growing in one aspect of life then they slowly bring stagnation in all the aspects of their life. And slowly this pain pushes them into the tunnel of depression.

Initial Stage

After breaking out or losing a loved one there will be a pain. This initial pain is not the real problem because everyone experiences it. The real problem is the tendency of stagnating in all the aspects of life after experiencing that initial pain.

In my book How To Get Over Divorce And Breakup Effortlessly, I have given a lot of practical methods which are very potent. This book will not give you platitudes. There are a lot of people which give silly bits of advice like- burn your photographs, delete your messages etc.
We all know by experience that these silly advices fail to give any significant results. This book is not like other books available on this topic. It will give you guaranteed results. Within 2-3 days you will experience noticeable changes and within a week you will completely overcome your pain and regain your lost peace and joy.


#Right Decision

When is the right time to make decisions? Here I am not talking about decisions like what you should eat for dinner or what you should wear to a party.
Here I am talking about decisions which will craft your future and the quality of your life.
You might have noticed that whenever we try to seek a solution to our problems by thinking hard then 9 out of 10 times we don’t get any solution.
But when we are taking bath or walking on the street or garden then suddenly we get a solution. At that time we were not trying to seek answer or solution.
Miraculously somehow the answer is dropped in our mind like the way emails are dropped in our inbox. So the question is how this miracle happens?


We work at our optimum levels when our body and mind are at ease. We all know this by experience.
We get major breakthroughs in our life when we least expect them. This happens because in the state of restfulness we are at our best.
You might be thinking how all this can help us in taking the right decision and regaining our lost peace and joy? The epilogue will give you the answer.


This article was on the topic- how to stop thinking about someone? I have thrown light on various topics which are directly or indirectly related to it.
We’ve seen that thinking about someone or something is not the real problem. The real problem is compulsive or overthinking which completely drains us mentally, emotionally, and physically.
The only solution is introspection and asking ourselves a straight-forward question and that question is- Is that thing or person worthwhile draining our energies and peace?
If you face a lot of turmoil whilst answering this question then must bring yourself to ease before answering it.
Human-being’s ability to take good decisions increases exponentially when their body, mind, and life energies are at ease.

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