How To Stop Being A Narcissist

How To Stop Being A Narcissist

Before understanding how to stop being a narcissist? Let’s first define narcissism.
Narcissist, narcissism or narcissistic personality, these are just words basically a person who has a very exaggerated self-image of himself/herself is a narcissist. They love and respect themselves a lot and they want others to do the same.
Narcissistic people constantly seek other’s love and respect. They may have hundreds of people around them to boost their egos but if just one person refused to sing in their glory then they become very upset and sometimes angry. There are many people who become upset and remain in that state for days because someone didn’t treat them the way they expected or wanted.

Is Narcissism A Smart Way To Be?

Suppose I will start saying to everyone, that I am the best blogger in the world. There is no one like me. I am the greatest. My blogs and poems are the finest and the most outstanding piece of work. I am Oscar Wilde of the present time. I understand and perceive everything and have a lot of wisdom. So you must bow down and admire me.
People will say Paras Shivhare is a crack head. He is a fool because only an idiot person can talk like this.
A few day ago I wrote a poem the title of the poem is the red rose. Please read it after that we will continue with our topic of discussion how to stop being a narcissist.


The Red Rose

The sprightliness, the aliveness of the color red.

Intoxicates everyone around with his scent.

No one can go untouched by his presence if he has some sensitivity to sense.

As the time passes the rose slowly becomes dull.

All the intoxication, the magnetism is gone.

The world is now a completely different place for that tiny rose. Yesterday he was a seducer.

Now just a tiny creation.

Is realizing we are miniature in this vastness a crime?

Is yes then why?

Is wisdom not a valuable thing to possess?

The truth is the truth.

We are against it.

I think it is a crime.

If not then why we have shaped and created all the festivity around the time when we in the state of obliviousness.

Allow me to say something beloved.

Please be patient and hear.

Many things which we thought were good turned out to be bad.

This is the realization of the truth.

Is it bad?

I am not talking about the truth whose opposite is a lie.

I am talking about the one whose opposite is bewilderment.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationships, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

Overnight Success

The people who really have mastery and wisdom will never say such stupid things because their work and actions prove that they are on the top of the game. You will never see Lionel Messi saying something in his glory.
It once happened a reporter asked Messi about his overnight success. Messi replied, “I start early and I stayed late, day after day after day, year after year. It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.”
If you will love or respect yourself then you will also expect others to do the same and if someone intentionally or unintentionally refused or failed to do it then you will get hurt or become upset. It will take all your peace.
There is no need to love or respect yourself. I know there are many quotes all over the internet saying love yourself, respect yourself etc. Stop doing this it will only bring distress in your life. Just see if you can do something worthwhile in your life and for the people around you. If you will do that then people around you will look up to you and respect you.
Loving and respecting others is a beautiful thing to do because it sweetens you from within. On the other hand loving or respecting ourself will only bring distress. So what is your choice? I hope this blog helped you understand how to stop being a narcissist. Please share your views and feedback by commenting down below.

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