How to improve communication skills…? [Contains Unmatchable Insights]

This article is on how to improve communication skills. There are a variety of reasons which make a person lack good communication skills. Expressing oneself is important because whenever we fail to express ourselves then those emotions are suppressed within us and if the heap of suppressed emotions increases then depression engulfs us. In addition to that, to taste success in a variety of fields of life good communication skills are paramount.

In this article, I will share with you unmatchable insights. I am not saying that after reading this article you will develop a mojo with which you can impress each and every person you will meet. I will only talk about things that are feasible.

A step forward

I’m not saying that developing a mojo is impossible. Some people are born with it and the people who don’t have this gift by birth can definitely develop it by strive. My point is if you have started learning swimming then first you must learn the basics. Right now you must not ask how to beat Michael Phelps.

All you must strive is to move to the next step. If you will develop sufficient devotion and perseverance then you might be able to take it to extra-ordinary level.

You may lack good communication skills from the beginning, had it in your childhood but lost it in your adulthood or your skills keep on fluctuating from one extreme to another extreme. Whatever is your problem this article will help you. I am not saying that things will happen overnight. I am not a person who talks about things that are not feasible. All I am saying that this article will put you on the right path and if you keep on moving forward you will reach your destination. How soon or how late you will reach there will depend on your will and passion.

Suppressed Emotions

anger management

A lot of people develop the problem of stammering. Most of them were fine in their childhood but develop it in their adulthood. If you fall into this category then it is very likely that you have developed the problem of stammering because of suppressing your emotions.

What is suppressed emotions? A lot of times we want to express ourselves but we fail to do that for a variety of reasons. When the heap of suppressed emotions increases then people are either engulfed by depression or they develop problems like stammering.

In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I have given feasible ways of getting rid of suppressed emotions. This book is full of methods that will effortlessly pull you out of your depression.


In Indian culture, silence is given certain significance. It’s called ‘Maun’ in Indian languages. Nowadays it is mostly gone but it was there till the previous generation.

In my article, how to communicate better in a relationship I’ve said that if you want to express yourself smoothly then first become a good listener.

In India when people use to practice silence they do not utter any word for a certain span of time. If you want to express yourself then it is very important that you have some substance. There are a lot of people in this world who are verbal diarrhea. Silence enhances our perception of life and things around us. It brings stability and peace in our life.

How to improve communication skills?

Another reason which is making people lack good communication skills is fear. People fear what others will think about them if they will goof up. If you really want to overcome a fear then you must strive to bring some substance in your life.

You might have heart cliché from various people and sources that if you lack good communication skills then you must address the huge crowd and goof up certain times so that you can overcome your fear. I will not advise you that. I’ve seen many people who are verbal diarrhea. I don’t want you to become like them.  

If you want to communicate well then the first and the foremost thing that you must have is substance. And substance will not come by goofing up certain times and acting cute.

The substance will come only when you have wisdom. You can either acquire wisdom by living a rich life or by reading the life story of people who had lived or been living a rich life.

An Eye which is unprejudiced

Some people have a complete misunderstanding of life. What they think is the highest thing to do in life is the lowest. For instance, there are many people who flaunt and tell everyone that I lost my virginity at a young age. They tell this as if they have achieved something very big in their life. Sexuality is a small aspect of our bodies. It is not the ultimate thing.

Some people exaggerate it and believe that it is the highest thing, they become blind because of it. There are other types of people who try to control it and act as if it doesn’t exist, such people become weird after some time.

Our topic of discussion is- how to improve communication skills. We are not going away from our topic. I am just telling you that it is very important to see things the way they are. If we are able to do this then every one of us has enough intelligence to transcend our limitations.

Create Urgency

how to improve communication skills

People develop all types of exotic disorders because they invest their life in trivial things. The greatest phenomena of life which make it beautiful and worthwhile are mortality. We have limited time if we will perpetually remind ourselves about it then we will only invest our energy and time in productive things.

If you will just do this much then acquiring good communication skills is a very small thing. You are capable of doing things which you never imaged possible.

The theme of this article was how to improve communication skills. I have not given cliché in this article. I have tried to give you unmatchable insights. I hope you found it helpful.

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