How to get your Crush to like you

How to get your crush to like you?

This article is about how to get your crush to like you. In this article I will answer this question in its full length and breadth in addition to that I will also cover topics which are related to it. So let’s begin.

#Do your research

You don’t need to become Sherlock Holmes to do your research nor have to stalk your crush like a freaky desperate.

Nowadays we live a digital age. So very easily we can get a glimpse of anyone’s life and their inclinations. You canknow almost everything about your crush through Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Whatever insightsyou‘ll get from there will be good enough to start your work.

How to do your research?

Now let me tell you what all things you must look in the social media accounts of your crush. After looking at all the things which I’ll tell you, you will get a very good idea of your crush’s life.

The following will tell you what you must look for in their social media accounts:

1. Outgoing, introvert or both?

The first thing that you must look is whether your crush is an introvert, extrovert or he/she is a concoction of both. How you will know this?

It is very easy to know this. If you will just look at their photos and posts then you will know whether he/she is an introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

Say for instance he/she has uploaded a lot of pics hanging out with his/her friends in bar, concerts, restaurants then you can conclude that this person is extrovert.

In addition to that if he/she uploadsphotos whilst reading books or watching too much online or television shows then this means he/she has an introvert side too.

So if he/she just upload pics of hanging out with friends in various outgoing places then you can conclude that he/she is an extrovert.

If he/she upload a lot of photos of books, playing video games, watching too much online and television content then you can conclude he/she is an introvert.

And if he/she uploads a photo in which he/she is doing both indoor and outdoor activities then you can conclude that this person is an ambivert.

There is one more way of knowing about the person. You can simply read their Instagram bio. This is a shortcut and it will give you very clear idea about their personality.

Looking at the Instagram bio of the person in the above pic we can conclude that this person is an ambivert.

2. Attention seeker?

Another thing which you must look for is- whether your crush is an attention seeker or not?

Looking at his/her gait one can tell a lot about a person. We can definitely tell whether he/she is an attention seeker or not.

Another way is by looking at their clothing. You must not look for expensive clothes rather look for fancy clothes and accessories like watches, bracelet, jewelry, shoes, etc.

Keep your ears open. Hear each and every word they utter carefully. If he/she only talks about himself/herself majority of the time then this means he/she is a self-obsessed person.

A few days ago I wrote a poem after seeing the rise of attention-seeking behavior in society.

What you’ve achieved?

The body that you decorate and strut everywhere is not yours.

So tell this what you’ve achieved?

You’re lying to yourself by allowing your mind to deceive you in million ways.

There’s no substitute for substance.

Always remember this fact.

You didn’t even know who you really are but you boast like a wanton monarch.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

3. Sensitivity of heart

These days it is in fashion to date bad boys and girls. The lyrics of a lot of songs are something like- I’m dating a bad guy, I want a bad girl, I’m in love with a criminal, etc.

People do not any problem with this. But after some time the same people complain that my partner is selfish. He/she only thinks about himself/herself.

So apply your sense whilst choosing your partner instead of succumbing to peer pressure and commercial forces.

4. Other Things to look

This blog post is about- how to get your crush to like you? Chanakya Pandit is an iconic figure in the history of India because of his contributions in bringing the entire Indian Subcontinent under one King. He said- ‘You must know more about your opponent or enemy than they know about themselves.’

What he meant is- you must know about the person who is planning to deal with or come in conflict with through and through. So must strive to know everything about your crush. Do everything that is under your capacity.

Let me tell you a few more things which you must look for:

  • Find out about his/her ambitions. After that see, is he/she competent and skillful enough to realize them?
  • Find out whether he/she is a happy or melancholic person.
  • His/her intelligent quotient. If you do not any problem with dating a dumb person that you can skip this.
  • Other things which you can look for is- mental stability, compulsive habits (if any), inclinations, and type of people he/she is friends with.

If you value any other quality or feature within a person which I have not covered in this article then look for them also.

How to get your crush to like you?

After looking at all the things mentioned above, you must see the big picture.

In my article how to tell if a girl likes you, I’ve said that the first and the foremost thing that you must do is sit comfortably in a silent place and tranquil state of mind. Now think very clearly about your expectations.

Do you want to come in the long term or short term relationship with your crush? In between long term and short term there are variety of things these days.

I do not have any problem with your expectations but the most important thing is that you must have certain clarity.

You must consider the consequences of your actions before jumping into something.

Now I’m going to answer the question

Now I’ll answer the question- How to get your crush to like you?

Clarity is paramount if you want to live a peaceful and happy life. To live peacefully it is very important that we do not waste our time and energies on trivial things. So please do consider the consequences of the actions that you’ll perform.

How to get your crush to like you? The answer is- based on your elaborate research that you’ve done on your crush, create an image of a person whose proposal he/she can’t refuse.

After that strive to become like that person. In my book Irresistible Qualities which ATTRACT FEMININE, I’ve given very potent and feasible methods which you can use to enhance your attractiveness.

It will also give you powerful methods which will help you come out of fear and improve your understanding of social dynamics and communication skills.

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