How To Get Rid Of Mood Swings

How To Get Rid Of Mood Swings

Most of the people think that mood swings are common things which happen to everyone but they all are wrong. Some people even see mood swings as some type of disease which can be cured by medication, drugs etc. How to get rid of mood swings? The answer is very simple just get over your cowardliness. It looks very simple and straightforward answer but you must know it is not easy to implement in day to day life. Why? Let’s us find out how to get rid of mood swings forever.

Are You Straight?

In my article, alcohol and relationships I have said that I am not against anything excluding cowardliness. In my eyes running away from our problems is not justified. You can do whatever you wish to do but at least you must be one hundred percent straight or truthful to yourself.
If you really want to stay away from pain and suffering then you must bring some integrity in your life. A lot of people are so smart that they have even learned to fool themselves. The one and the only reason behind mood swings is cowardliness. People lie to themselves and try to avoid or run away from their problems.
In most of the cases, the problem intensifies itself by many folds because of ignorance. Stop running away from your problems. Running away is not a solution. Unfortunately, nowadays no one strives to find a solution everyone tries to seek solace or temporary fix. This attitude makes them slaves of their addictions and compulsions.
How all this is related to our topic how to get rid of mood swings? You shall get your answer before the end of this article. Let’s continue.

Focus Pocus

A lot of people very proudly say that I face problem whilst focusing on something or I cannot hold my attention for long. It is like saying I am a crippled human being. I am not kidding. The truth is it is equivalent to that only.
In my book TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS, I have said that it is very important to maintain our focus on the direction in which we want to go. If you will not do this much then your life will derail.
Once your life will come off the track then you have to start everything from the beginning. There are a lot of people who keep on repeating same mistakes again and again. It is like you want to construct a multi-storey building. You are done with the construction of two floors but when you tried to construct the third floor the building falls.
Now you started everything from the beginning but again the moment you tried to construct the third floor the building collapsed. People who do not know how to focus in one direction will keep on falling like this. This is the only reason people go through mood swings.

Pain Is Not Always Bad

In my article, the pros and the cons of teenage relationships I have said that it is very unfortunate that nowadays people have made themselves in such a way that they cannot learn or grow in their life without experiencing pain. If they are really smart then they must know how to grow in their life without pain. All those people must suffer because without that they cannot grow.
As I told a lot of people prefer temporary fix or in other words, they seek solace. They are not interested in fixing the root of the problem. Such people pay a very big price of their ignorance. This is because they let their problems to grow.
If you are really interested in fixing the root of the problem then first you must become straight enough to confess that this is the real problem. Stop lying to yourself if you really want a solution of your problems.

How To Fix The Root?

A lot of people try to distract them the moment they face problems. They go in a bar, check their social medias, party, watch television or they simply lie to themselves that everything is fine. Nowadays the ways through which people can distract themselves are many because of technological advancements.
Their ignorance let their problem grow. If you really want to find a solution for your problem then stop distracting yourself. The moment you realize that you have a problem then the first and foremost thing that you must do is to isolate yourself. Stop watching television, listening to songs, using the internet, social Medias etc. What will this do?
This will tell your mind that you have a problem because when you will stop doing all the other things then the pain will start spreading his legs. Once the pain will start growing then your mind will try its best to find a solution.
Our mind is so powerful that it is capable of finding the solution to every problem. It is the most efficient and complicated device. There is no doubt about it. If you will just do this much then you will never face mood swings in your life.

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