How To Get Over Guilt Of Cheating

How To Get Over Guilt Of Cheating

How to get over guilt of cheating? You have cheated on your partner and now you’re feeling guilty because you think what you did is wrong. How to get over it?
There are many sci-fi movies which show that a group of people goes in the past and they change their present. In reality, it is not possible. It doesn’t matter what we do we cannot change it. So there is no point in beating your head on the wall.

Why People Cheat?

If you really want to know how to get over guilt of cheating then you must understand why people cheat?
In my book TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS, I have said that it is very important that we maintain our focus on the direction in which we want to go.
No one can have crystal clear vision of future but we can certainly know the direction in which we must walk. To find out the direction in which we must walk we just need to give ourselves some time. You have cheated on someone and now you are feeling guilty. This proves that you don’t know in which direction you must walk.

Should I Tell This To My Partner?

Look if you are expecting any advice from my side then I am very sorry I will not give you any advice. This is because I don’t want to take the responsibility of your pain and suffering.
With every action comes, it’s consequence. It is like Newton’s third law of motion. Take the decision whose consequences you can endure. There is no point suffering your entire life by making the wrong decision. Again I repeat it is your decision, not mine. So choose wisely.



People gave guilt the label of the worst feeling.

I do not see it like regret rather a possibility.

It comes up when someone fails to live as he expected.

Time to ponder and see how to not repeat this?

Indeed a great possibility to grow.

Beating your head on the wall is the most foolish thing.

So stop doing it.

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The Past Is A Teacher

There are a countless number of people who still cries for something which happened to them a decade ago. They all are sci-fi movie fans.
In reality, we cannot change the past but we can certainly learn something from it. We can see how to not repeat that again.
How to get over guilt of cheating? There is no point in beating your head on the wall. Your head will only break not the wall. Even if the wall breaks then also it is your loss because you have to repair it with your money. So stop doing it.
Just look at it and see what you can learn from it and how to not repeat it again? It is not the time to get depressed. Your guilt is providing you a possibility to grow in your life.

What If My Partner Will Come To Know About It?

As I told with every action comes its consequences. If your partner will come to know about it then you have to face the consequences of it.
It doesn’t mean you must get depressed. Depression is not the solution to anything. You may be afraid that you may lose your partner. But still, I will say you must not lose your calm. Why?
You might have seen around you that diplomatic and mean people are highly successful whereas good and kind people always suffer. This happens because for divine or creator there is nothing like good or bad. If you will do what is needed to be done to get the desired results then you will get it.
If a person will not do the right things then it doesn’t matter how compassionate or kind that person is, he or she will inevitably suffer. I am not telling you to become mean. I am just telling you to do the right things.
There is nothing like good-bad or pleasant-unpleasant. For a wise person, everything is a possibility to grow and take their life to next level. It doesn’t matter what consequences you will face. If you are smart then you will use it as a means to grow. And if you are dumb then you will handicap yourself.
The choice is yours either you can choose to grow or become a handicap. It is your choice, not mine. So choose wisely. We don’t know what will happen in the future nor we can change the past. The only thing we have is this moment. So just make the best of it.

What Is The Difference Between Love And Lust?

In my article how long does lust last I have said that we all know that lust doesn’t last long. A lot of relationships stand on the pillars of hormones and mutual benefits.
The butterflies that people experience in the stomach doesn’t last long. They are just chemicals or hormones. After some time they go and people start thinking why we are together?
The relationship must not be a contract signed between two people. It must be a means to contribute and uplift each other.
A healthy relationship must create a very good atmosphere to grow. An atmosphere of health, joy, and bliss. Make your relationship a means to contribute and give.

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