How to get over depression?

This article is on the theme- how to get over depression? In this article, I’ll tell you what are the fundamental things which modern societies are doing wrong which is resulting in a massive rise in mental health problems around the globe.

We’ll also discuss certain common phenomena which trigger the beginning of depression in people’s life. 

In addition to that, I’ll obviously tell you how to get over depression effortlessly.

Not in sync

Depression is rising at the rate of knots simply because we are not living in sync with Mother Nature. Modern Technology is advancing rapidly and making us lethargic. Our physical activities have gone down drastically.

In addition to all these things, commercial forces are forcing us to have gigantic desires. People have very big dreams but they do not invest enough in acquiring the necessary skills and competence to realize them. The combined effect of all these things is pushing humanity in bonkers. This is how we have made ourselves and we wonder why the crime rate is increasing exponentially by the day.

In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION, I‘ve told how we can avoid committing these fundamental mistakes without secluding oneself from society. The methods given in this book are very potent but at the same time, they’re feasible. After reading this book your life will vibrate in sync with the fundamental forces of nature. This will make your life smooth and blissful.

Indifference on the rise

In one of my articles, depression symptoms I have said that a depressed person loses interest in everything. This happens not just because of unfulfilled desires rather because of living life in the wrong way fundamentally. Unfulfilled desires and unfavorable outcomes may have invoked depression but you might have seen not all people go in depression after encountering failures.

A person who is very likely to fall in the arms of depression after encountering anything unexpected is usually those who have compulsive habits like drug abuse, alcohol consumption, smoking, binge-eating, porn addiction, binge-watching television or online shows, etc.

In my book Transcend Compulsiveness, I’ve given feasible methods that will reduce your itch to go after these things to a considerable extent. The prerequisite is you must be willing to get over your compulsive habits. Another important thing is which I have also mentioned in the book is, you must stay away from the people who don’t want you to come out of it. This is very important because sometimes people do all the right things but once they go back to their old surroundings then they once again succumb to their compulsiveness because of these people.

Sustained indulgence in these things makes the person indifferent and he/she loses interest in things which were giving them a lot of joy and happiness previously. This is one of the major reasons why indifference is spreading its tentacles in our societies. People have transformed their hearts into stones to an extent that if their friend or relative will achieve something in his/her life then they will burn from head to toe because of envy

The Right Direction

In this blog post, we are discussing how to get over depression. So far we have discussed how modern societies have structured themselves in such a way that it disconnects our life from mother nature big time. We have also looked at the consequences that people face after indulging in compulsive habits. Let’s throw light on some other reasons for the rapid increase of depression.

Another important factor that makes the person vulnerable to depression is the absence of direction in his/her life. Without knowing in which direction to advance a person may naturally invest heavily his/her life in the wrong direction.

This will inevitably bring unbearable consequences in the future. To avoid facing severe consequences it is very important to walk in the right direction.

To walk in the right direction the important thing is you must know which direction is right. To figure out the right direction you must stop investing your time in unproductive things.

There are a lot of people in this world who are running away from their problems. They have found exotic and creative ways of not confronting their problems. This is not ingenuity rather cowardice.

Ignoring our problems is not the solution. It will only snowball into a severe crisis. Stop ignoring your problems. Accept that you have problems and seek their solutions.

You have enough intelligence to figure out their solutions. Do not wait for your problems to transform themselves into something hideous.

Breakup and unrequited love

Breakup and unrequited love or one-sided love are major reasons for the rise of depression among millennials.

The nature of the pain that a person experiences whist dealing with them (breakup and one-sided love) is very deceptive. This is because people have the tendency of creating false hope in their minds. They keep on imagining that some miracle will happen and that person will come back to their life.

Let’s discuss each one of them separately.

How to get over breakup or divorce effortlessly?  

In certain cases people come to a point that they cannot even stand anywhere close to that person but still they experience pain.

In my article on postpartum depression, I’ve said that the pain of breaking out from a relationship or losing a loved one is not just in the mind. The entire body experiences pain. It feels like a part of you has been torn from your body. This happens because the memory imprints are acquired in the entire body not just in the mind.

In a physical relationship, this heap of memory impressions is huge. When a woman conceives all these memory prints are transferred in her baby.

After delivery, most women experience this in a very big way. Suddenly their husband for whom they had a lot of love in their heart starts looking like a stranger.

In my book, how to get over breakup or divorce effortlessly I’ve given feasible yet very powerful methods which will bring you out of the pain of breakup or divorce effortlessly. As I told the pain of breaking out from a relationship is very deceptive this is because even if you do all the right things, still your system takes a certain time to get over it.

This book will give a lot of relief from your pain within 1-2 days and within a week you will be completely free from the pain. It cannot give you freedom from your pain instantly because the system takes time to recover and it is also important that we allow the system to recover from it completely otherwise it can have its repercussions in the future.

How to get over breakup and divorce effortlessly

Unrequited love

The only way to come out of the pain of unrequited love is by accepting the truth and you must also have a very strong willingness to regain your peace and joy.

In my article, how to deal with the agony of unrequited love or one-sided love I’ve said that depression is the shadow of stagnation. Whenever a person experiences pain he/she stops growing in some or all the areas of life.

And if you will shun your growth then depression is inevitable. So it is of paramount importance to keep on growing if you want to remain peaceful and happy.

This article was on the topic, how to get over depression. We have discussed various common phenomena that are responsible for the rapid rise of depression and also look at their respective antidote. I hope this article was helpful.

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