How to get over a breakup

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Why break up hurts?

Sometimes people come to a point that they can not even stand anywhere close to that person (with whom they have separated) but still they experience pain.

The pain of separation is not just in the mind. The entire body experiences pain. It feels like a part of you has been torn from your body.

It is very important to deal with it effectively otherwise it is capable of turning your life upside down. We all have heard stories of people who have utterly destroyed their life after going through a break-up.

You might have also heard stories of people who have made their life after that.

What this book will offer you?

In this book, I have given a lot of practical methods that are very potent. This book will not give you platitudes. There are a lot of people which give silly bits of advice like- burn your photographs, delete your messages, etc.
We all know by experience that these silly bits of advice fail to give any significant results. This book is not like other books available on this topic. It will give you guaranteed results. Within 2-3 days you will experience noticeable changes and within a week you will completely overcome your pain and regain your lost peace and joy.

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