How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

Nowadays social media platforms are full of friend zone jokes. No one likes to get friend zoned. So how to get out of the friend zone? Let us find out in this article.

There Are Lots Of Parameters

In my article how karma affects relationships, I have explained what karma is. A lot of people think that karma is a punishment and reward system which is managed by some divine power. It is not true.

It is an Indian word which means actions. In India, people say your life is your karma. This means your life is your actions. In the present moment, we all are performing a lot of actions. They may be emotional, mental or physical. A lot of these actions are performed unconsciously. Based on the actions that we have performed throughout our lives, we develop certain tendencies.

You might be thinking how all this is related to our topic how to get out of the friend zone? It is directly related.

You Are Not Of My Type

Based on the tendencies of a person he/she is attracted by something and repelled by something. Each and every human being is different because their karma is different.

So there is no universal answer to the question, why am I friend zoned?

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So What Can Be Done?

You can take advice from the best pick up artist. You can even learn great pick up lines. But to execute them you need some competence.

The truth is if you have competence then there is no need of any advice or tip. Let me ask you a very simple question. You might have received a lot of advice, does it really work and give significant results? You know that the answer is a big NO.

A lot of people con others by selling products which are not of any use. They are useless because it is very difficult to apply those methods in real life.

The Best Advice

In my article, how depression affects relationship I have said that depression, stress, and other mental illnesses are on the rise because people have not worked on themselves.

To work gracefully in this world it is very important that we first work on ourselves. We all have seen Usain Bolt, he win his races effortlessly. But this doesn’t mean he was born with it.

Day in and day out he strived. He worked on his skill and now it has reached the certain level of competence.


Those of you who are you are not familiar with the Indian culture, Lord Krishna played a very significant role in the epic battle of Mahabharata. Legends described him as the most irresistible man. He is an epitome of love and romance.

We cannot afford to miss his advice which are gems of wisdom. You might be familiar with Bhagwat Gita (Hindu Scripture). During the Battle, Arjuna asked many questions to Krishna. These questions and answers are Bhagwat Gita.

More than 3000 years ago he explained why people get friend zone? He said yogastaha kuru karmani, this means first you must work upon yourself. After that only you must strive to do something in the world.

Without working on ourselves if we will try to work then we will face a lot of resistanceStress, tension, depression, etc are nothing but resistance.



A lot has been said about your playful childhood.

An endless number of songs and legends are there which describes your mischievousness.

You are a terrible prankster.

Some people even called you a rogue and a scoundrel but you knew how to ignore everything with the love in your eyes.

You vanquished all your foes with a smile on your face.

Dancing in your presence can transcend all the limitations of a being. You are an epitome of beauty, love, and joy.

You are my ally.

Others may see you as a divine being.

But for me you an example of how a human being should be.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

Become Irresistible

If I will give you a choice between a happy person or miserable person. Whom will you choose to spend your entire life?

If your nuts and bolts are not loose then you will one hundred percent choose a person who knows how to stay happy.

Everyone loves to stay in the company of a happy person. Someone said that the smiling face is the most beautiful face.

So if you really want to become irresistible then transform yourself into a happy, joyful and loving person. Happiness is not a by-product of certain things going our way. It is a choice.

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