Abusive Relationship

How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship

In my last article on the abusive relationship, I have said that there are many people who face a lot of confusion in their life because they are madly in love with someone. They don’t have enough guts to go against their heart.
Before reading this article I will advise you to read my previous article on abusive relationship. Click here to read that article.
So how to get out of an abusive relationship? In this article, I will try my best to help you.

Theory Is Simple But Practical Is Tough

Don’t worry I am not going to talk about examinations here. I know that doing something and saying something are two completely different things. There is no doubt about that.
So if you are reading this article and expecting any advice from my side then I am sorry. In this article, I will only give you my valuable insights which I have acquired from my life’s experience and observation.
I don’t want to give you any advice because I don’t want you to blame me for your pains and sufferings. So I will leave it to you. You are free to take whatever decision you want to take. Remember one thing with every decision or action there shall be a consequence.

Are You Ready To Face The Consequence?

As I told there are consequences of each and every action that we take. It is like Newton’s third law of motion.
Before taking any decision you must think about the consequences that will come with it. You are in a situation where you have to take some decision. Again I want to repeat, it is your decision, not mine. I am saying this again because I don’t want to take the blame of your sufferings.
I know whatever decision  you’ll take will bring certain suffering in your life. You are in a croosroad but you are in a situation where you have to take a decision. So it’s better you take the decision whose consequence you can face.

It Is Not A Tough Decision

Have you ever been in the Himalayas? You might be thinking why I am asking you this irrelevant question and how it is related to our topic how to get out of an abusive relationship?
I am asking this question because the great Himalayas are so massive that it cannot be described in words. In front of it, even a seven feet tall man looks like a small ant.
I am telling you all this because I want you to realize that our problems are not big. People may think that their life is full of problems and suffering. Those people must rethink about their life.
Do you know nearly 50% of the population doesn’t have enough food to eat? A lot of people don’t have shelter on their head. We hear frequently about the day to day struggle of the people who are living in Middle Eastern countries. Do you still think your life is Hard? Think again.

How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship?

You want to get out of a relationship or stay in a relationship? It is your decision. You have to decide and do it.
As I told before deciding anything you must evaluate the consequences of your decision. Let me tell you something which will help you a lot.
A lot of people think that relationship is life but it is not true. It is just a part of life. Life is a lot more than anything you can imagine, think or feel.
End of a relationship is not the end of the world rather it is an opportunity to unlock the door which holds limitless possibilities on the other side.
There are a lot of people in this world who changed their life completely after their relationship failure. It all depends on the way you handle it. On the one hand, it is capable of unlocking new possibilities in your life and on the other hand, it is also capable of destroying your life. The decision is yours. So choose wisely.
My book how to get over a breakup and divorce effortlessly is one of the best self-help books. This book is not like other books which are written on this topic. Most of them give silly bits of advice like delete all your messages, burn all your letters and photographs, stay strong etc.
These advices fail to give any significant result. My book will give you very powerful tips which you can very easily practice in your day to day life. After practicing the methods which are given in this book for a week you will completely get over your break up or divorce. I guarantee it.

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