how to gain self respect in a relationship

How To Gain Self Respect In A Relationship?

So how to gain self respect in a relationship? If someone wants to be respected then this means he/she wants to be treated in a pleasant way. Nowadays if you want someone to greet you in a nice way then you just have to show them that you are valuable or you are of some use to them. This is the unfortunate reality of today’s world. If you are beautiful, wealthy or powerful than you will be respected everywhere. Are you happy with this?

One Day I Went Searching For A Bad Man

Kabir is one of the well-known poet and mystics. In one of his Doha (verse format of Indian poetry), he said something like one day I went searching for a bad man. But I didn’t find any. Once I look within my heart then suddenly I found a bad man.
Now there might be some people who will say I want to earn respect. To all those people I want to ask a very simple question, have you ever tried to do something worthwhile in your life?
If your answer is yes then you might know that it doesn’t matter what we become we will still have haters. Name any great personality all of them have had haters.
How to gain self respect in a relationship? Let’s come to the point directly, your real problem is that you don’t want to be treated as a liability. Right?

How To Gain Self Respect In A Relationship?

If I will give you a choice between a very joyful person and a miserable person, whom you will choose to spend your life? If your head is working properly then obviously you will choose a joyful person.
Everyone wants to be around a joyful person. A person who is happy and exuberant is a solution for everything.

I Want To Teach Him/Her A Lesson

If you want to know how to gain self respect in the relationship then I have answered your question. But I am pretty sure that there are some people who are not satisfied with my answer. They will agree with me but this will not give them a sense of contentment.
They will not experience contentment because they want some type of technique to control someone. They want their partner to just do what they wanted them to do. I have a solution or a technique to give.
The solution is simple just come in a relationship with a robot. Program it the way you want. It will one hundred percent act the way you want.

Self-Respect Is Not A Joke

I know there are many people whose number one priority is self-respect. For them, their self-respect is more important than love and relationship. It is alright. I don’t have any problem with that. Anyway, it is their life they can prioritize anything.
If you are striving to create or do something worthwhile in your life then things like self-respect, self-love etc will not come to your mind. This is because it doesn’t matter how skillful we are. When we strive to create something or bring change then we face a lot of resistance.
A lot of people may think that what I am saying is not relevant to the topic of self-respect. They will say all these things are different and self-respect is different.
They are the people who have never seen poverty and hardship in their life. A person who is striving to bring some change will never be respected everywhere. If you are respected everywhere then this means you are not doing something worthy.
There are a lot of incidents of female molestation these days. A lot of feminist try their best to spread hate by saying things like their phallus must be chopped out. I don’t have any problem with that but the question is can they bring a change in the society by doing this hate business?

How Many Hours You Sleep?

If they are sleeping for more than four hours a day then they don’t have any right to comment on anything. This is because the situation is very alarming and if someone has time to take a nap then he/she for sure don’t have any right to comment.
What can I do? I know we all are differently capable but we all can do something to bring a change. The worst thing is most of the people who spread hate after such incidents using social media, after doing all this they sleep peacefully.
I’m not trying to disrespect anyone. I just want people to wake up and work instead of simply blabbering rubbish. If you really want to change our society then you must not have any time to take a nap.

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