How To Cope With Loneliness

How To Cope With Loneliness

How to cope with loneliness? At present, the population of humans on this planet is about 7.2 billion. Never before in the history world’s population reached to such a gigantic figure. But still, people complain that they are lonely. What the hell is wrong with them?
In this article, I will tell you something which no one might have told you before. Let us together find out how to cope with loneliness.

The Festival of Colors

A few days ago Indians celebrated holi. Everyone around the world knows holi as the festival of colors. But most of them don’t know that on the night of holi we burn campfires. Wood, cow dunk and other things are used as a fuel to light the campfire. On the next day, we throw colors on each other.
There is a story attached to it. In this article I will not talk about the story rather I will tell you what is the significance of this campfire?
The burning of the campfire symbolizes that we must burn all our bad and bitter memories in that fire. After that, we must start a fresh life.


Do you know what is more numerous than the blades of grass? The answer is thoughts in the mind. The problem with most of the humans is that they do not know how to use their memory properly. Humans have very vivid sense of memory. If something nasty happened ten years back, still they think about it and suffer.
In those ten years, hundreds of good things happened with them but they still think about that one nasty thing which happened to them a decade ago.
There was a time in my life when I was very sensitive to the suffering of others. I am still sensitive but in those days I use to get overwhelmed by it. So during those times, I use to ask them what is the problem? Why are you so sad and dull?
Most of them use to answer you do not know how hard my life is. You better don’t interfere in my life. From common friends and other sources when I came to know about their problems then I thought man this is the height of stupidity.
They don’t have any problem excluding one. Their only problem is that they compulsively think about something which happened to them years ago. How all this is related to our topic, how to cope with loneliness?  Most of the people can’t stay alone because when they are alone their memory haunts them. They do not know how to handle their thoughts, memory, and imagination.


In my article, I’m not good enough I have said that most of the people don’t strive for something which means a lot to them because they have fear of failure. Recently we have created a new type of fear. We are calling it FOMO or fear of missing out.
People fear to miss out because most of them can’t stay alone. Loneliness doesn’t bring pain and suffering. As I told they suffer when they are alone because of their inability to use their memory gracefully.
Most of the people think they are very smart. I don’t understand why these smart people keep on thinking about that one bad thing again and again?
If they are really smart then they must think about all the good things which happened in their life. They must be grateful for everything that they have in their life.
How to cope with loneliness? The answer is simple just learn to use your memory gracefully. Now you will ask how to do that? I have already given you the answer. Stop thinking about bad things again and again. Think about good things and become grateful for everything that you have in your life.

Fear Is Not Real

There is nothing like fear it is a by-product of your wild thoughts and imagination. If you will just learn to control you mind then you will see that the fear will just vanish.
In my book TRANSCEND COMPULSIVENESS, I have given very simple yet powerful methods to control oneself. This book will not tell you to do impossible things like developing iron strong will, stay away from temptations etc. It is written with an intention to help people who are feeling helpless because of their addictions or compulsions.


After waking up in the morning, before sleeping, every time you feel sad, lonely, and depressed the first thing that you must do is to think about all those things which make your life comfortable and beautiful.
There is no need to think about your fanciful achievements. Start thinking about all the privileges that you have in your life, namely food, shelter, fresh air, parents, friends, well-wishers etc. A lot of people are not lucky enough to enjoy all these basic facilities so you must become very grateful for everything that you have in your life.

How To Cope With Loneliness?

I have given you a lot of insights in this article. A lot of people who call themselves smart are the dumbest of all. They don’t even know how to handle their imagination and thoughts.
Just learn to handle your memory and imagination gracefully. If you will just do this much then you will see that you will raise above all your bad feelings like loneliness, anxiety, fear etc.
Along with that learn to be grateful for everything that you have in your life. Just do this and you will become indomitable.

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