How to Communicate Better in a Relationship

How to Communicate Better in a Relationship


Magic of Words

Words are magical as it doesn’t matter what is said.

The exact same words become a pain to one and pleasure to other.

It’s the one who has mastered the art, from him even the poison tastes sweet.

Are words a majestic deception?


It’s not about today.

From the ages, there have been cunning foxes.

How it’s said is more important than what is said.


When I close my eyes I see the world where words don’t exist.

The only thing which exists is an all-inclusive light.

May you know the pleasure of inclusiveness.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

Sorry for torturing you with my boring poetry. This article is about how to communicate better in a relationship? Let’s find out what we can do to communicate effectively with our partner and people around us. Most of the couples complain about communication gap and misunderstanding. This is not a typical communication skill article. This article will help you transcend all these problems effortlessly.

Intense Silence

A few days ago because of some reason, I realized the immensity of silence. After that, I wrote a poem ‘Intense Silence’. Don’t worry I will not torture you more with my poetry.
We all have experienced this in our life that it doesn’t matter what is said. The important thing is how it is said. For example, if someone will say oh please shut up in a playful way then we will perceive it in a certain way. On the other hand, if someone will say shut up in loud voice then we will perceive that he/she is angry or frustrated.
We all know this but still, most of us never strive to control the tone of our voice consciously. This mistake may cause disappointment and depression within the people near you.
It is not that only females are hurt by this. Men feel equally hurt but as most of the men are not good in expressing themselves because of this there is a misunderstanding that only females are hurt by this.

There Is Only One Thing Which Is Constant

A few days ago I was little frustrated. I wanted to upload an article but my internet was not working properly.
Whenever I encounter any rocky situation I go on the roof of my house. So I hold my nerves and went up.
After some time I realize that I am frustrated because I am not flexible in my approach. I had a lot of work to do. If the internet is not working then I can write more articles or do anything else.
Someone said that the only thing which is constant in this world is constant change.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

         -Stephen Hawking

You might be thinking how this can help us in understanding how to communicate better in a relationship. Allow me to explain.

First Analyze Then Work

In my article what to do when you feel insecure in a relationship, I said that before analyzing the situation properly if we will try to fix it then, in that case, we will only pollute the situation more.
The root cause of all misunderstandings is just this. People don’t pay enough attention in analyzing the situation. They react or speak without understanding the real problem. This complicates the situation even more. First, listen and analyze the situation properly.
So how to communicate better in a relationship ? Just stop reacting to the situations compulsively. Learn to listen and analyze things properly.

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