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How To Cast A Spell On Someone You Hate

So how to cast a spell on someone you hate? The title may sound funny but it is not. Do you know why? The mindset or attitude from which this question is coming is not healthy.
Why would someone want to cast a spell on someone he/she hates? The answer is to seek revenge or to teach them a lesson. The one whose mind is asking this question is not interested in loving someone. He/she is only interested in seeking revenge because they have bitter feelings for that person.


Seeking Pleasure

Longing to seek pleasure drives the being.

When it goes out of control the humanity is lost.

Grossification of a being, humanity in tatters.

The lust to conquer and dominate, a sure way to end everything.

The poison of hate is one hundred percent fatal.

It shall not even ask for a cup of water.

Pleasure, bliss, and joy are within.

Agony, hate, and grief too.

It’s time to look in the right direction.

Cannot afford to lose humanity.

Time to bring the dimensional change.

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It Is Impossible

We can love our dog, friends, teachers, relatives, parents etc. But we cannot love someone we hate. This is because love and hate cannot coexist.
So how to cast a spell on someone you hate? It is like asking how to love my enemy? These are just stupid philosophies. They are not practical things to do. As I told the reason why people ask such question is because they want to teach someone a lesson.

How To Seek Revenge?

Let’s become straight you don’t want to know how to cast a spell on someone you hate. You want to know how to seek revenge.
Swami Vivekanand said something like if you love me then I live in your heart. And if you hate me than I live in your brain. In both the cases, I win.
Let us suppose you successfully ruined the entire life of someone you hate. There are a lot of cases of acid attacks, murders, rapes etc in our society. We hear about them on daily basis. A person who hates someone or wants to seek revenge on someone is a melancholic person. WHY?
In my book peace of mind say goodbye to boredom I have said that there is no need to teach someone ethics or moral values. If a person is happy then he/she will naturally do the sensible things. There is no need of any teaching.
You can look at your life and see. When you were sad or depressed, those where the moments in your life when you did nasty things to yourself and others. Look back at your life and see.
The person who has hate, jealousy etc within him/her is the most depressed person. There is no doubt about that.

Seeking Revenge Is Not The Solution

Let us suppose you successfully take revenge on someone you hate. Will you feel a sense of contentment after that? Just become one hundred percent straight to yourself and answer the question.
The answer is you will not be fulfilled. You will still experience incompleteness in your life. So what can be done?
Don’t worry? I will not tell you to suppress your feeling rather I will tell you to look at it carefully. In my article about attachment disorder, I have told how we can use our emotions to reach great heights in our life.

Look At Your Life With Some Clarity

We all want to grow in our life. Doesn’t matter what we get in our life we want more. We want affluence, love, respect etc. Once we get that then for some time we are very happy. We sing, dance and celebrate our success. But after some time we get bored with that and we start desiring for something more. Every human being is like this only.
So we all want to grow in our life. Now the question is what stops our growth? The answer is the word ‘attachment’.
If you are attached to someone or something then you cannot grow in your life. And the moment we try to refrain ourselves from growing then we feel a tremendous amount of pain.
Getting rid of attachment doesn’t mean we must not love someone. No one is telling you to refrain yourself from pleasures and comforts. But you must not rely on someone or something entirely for your fun and joy. You must strive to expand or multiply your sources of joy.

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