How to ask a girl out? 100% feasible way is given in this article

The theme of this article is- How to ask a girl out? In this article, I’ll cover all the things which are important to answer this question in its entirety.

This article is not like another article that is available on the internet. They will just give you methods that are not feasible. I’m not trying to belittle anyone. I do not have any animosity for them but you might know that they fail to give any significant results.

In this article, I will be uttering truth brutally. So if you are someone who is not honest with himself then this article is not for you.

Continue reading only if you want to develop the necessary competence.

Brutal truth

The truth is if you don’t have the necessary communication skills or understanding of social dynamics then your chances of success are almost zero.

And if you don’t have the necessary skills then you will not have guts to approach anyone to talk. Even if you get the chance then also you’ll not go ahead because you do not have the necessary skills.

DNA can be changed

A few days ago I was talking to my mother about one of our Aunts whose weight is more than 150kgs. I was asking my mother questions like- Why she is so heavy? Why she hadn’t done anything about her obesity?

My mother replied that her obesity is hereditary. In her family, a lot of people are suffering from obesity.

Let me tell you something about a man who has won the hearts of the entire nation whose population is more than one billion. I’m talking about Dr. K Sivan who is the chairperson of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

He comes from a very poor family. His father was a farmer. He was the first one in his father to become a graduate. Right now he is a chairperson of ISRO.

If a poor man’s son can become rich, famous, and win the hearts of a billion people then why my aunt whose family has a history of being a victim of obesity cannot beat obesity?

Lately, certain biologists are saying that just by altering the way we breathe we can alter our genetics. In Indian classical yoga, there is something called Kundalini Yoga, this is the most dangerous and potent form of yoga as it can alter someone’s genetics in a very big way.

Our topic of discussion is – how to ask a girl out? We’ve not deviated from our topic of discussion. I’m telling you all this because I want to give you substance. I do not want to do fake promises like other people.


In my article, how to tell if a girl likes you I’ve said that the first and the foremost thing that you must do is ask yourself a very straightforward question- what you are expecting?

Are you looking for a short term or long term relationship? In between the short term and long term, there is a domain of a variety of relationships. You must know what you want if you are interested in living a peaceful life.

I do not have any problem with your choice but as a friend I want you to invest your time in things which mean something to you. Spending our time and energy in trivial things mean guaranteed melancholic life. This is a fact but still, it is your life so you can choose anything.

But always remember your choices and actions will have repercussions. So it’s better to make your decisions wisely.

How to ask a girl out?

As I told just by reading an article you will not have what to it takes. You need to work on your competence and skill.

In my book, Irresistible qualities which attract feminine I’ve given everything that you need. I’ve given effective and feasible ways to improve your attractiveness and understanding of social dynamics.

This book will also help you get rid of your approach anxiety. In addition to that, it will also give you certain insights about the nature of the feminine.


I’ve already told you that the first and the foremost thing that you must do is to find out, what your expectations are?

After finding it out you must do an elaborate research on that girl. In my article, ‘how to get your crush to like you?’ I’ve explained elaborately what all things you must look and how to do that.

The above two things will help you find out how compatible you are with this girl. Compatibility means if this girl will step into your life then will it be in line with the other things that you aspire in your life.

This article was about- how to ask a girl out? If you are really interested in knowing the answer then please purpose the book Irresistible qualities which attract feminine. This book will give you more than what you can expect.

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