How Social Media Affects Relationships

How Social Media Affects Relationships

In India, state assembly elections are going on. A few days ago I saw the news that the voters are not allowed to take their mobile phones to the voting booths. The reporter said that nowadays a person can walk out of the house without the keys but he can’t walk out without their cell phone.

So how social media affects relationships? Nowadays no one is untouched by the presence of social media. These platforms have brought the world together which is a very good thing as the playing field is leveled for all. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages too.

Electricity is neither good nor bad. It all depends on the person who is using it. It can light our houses and streets. On the other hand, it is also capable of killing and torturing someone. Social media platforms are also like electricity. In this article, we shall try to find out how social media affects relationships.

Too Much Information

Nowadays a lot of information is thrown at us because of technological advancements and social media. Everything is available at the click of a button but still, we are stress-ridden. This is because we have an abundance of information but we are starving for wisdom.

When too much information goes inside our brain then we are overwhelmed by it and after this, we lose our ability to think straight. Most of the people are in this type of overwhelming state. A person who is in such state can very easily become anxious, jealous, stressed or depressed. The feeling of hatred and even the desire to take revenge can be very easily triggered in that person.

I don’t know about all the news networks but most the news channels of India shows news in super fast speed. They call it news-superfast or something similar to this. In news-superfast, they try to tell 100 news in 20 minutes. Morning and evening are usually the times in which they show news in this format. If a person will watch it in the morning then it is capable of ruining his entire day because most of the news is about murder, rapes, and robbery.

A few days ago I saw the news that the admin of the WhatsApp group deleted a member of the group. The member who was deleted from the group killed the group admin. I know these are extreme cases but I am just trying to tell you that social media can very easily provoke hatred and jealous.

#Jealousy #Insecurity

Let me tell you how social media affects relationships. Nowadays it is very common for someone to become insecure and jealous after watching their ex’s photo with someone else on some social media platform. The effect of jealousy and insecurity is always negative. It is a fact.

As I told when too much of information is thrown at a person then that person will get overwhelmed by it and after that, he/she will lose his/her ability to think straight. In some extreme cases, people spoil their entire life and sometimes even the life to another person.

What Is The Solution?

In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I said that one of the major causes of depression is that we have a lot to eat and a very less physical work to do. A lot of simple yet powerful methods are given in this book which will help you get rid of your depression forever.

The only solution to come out of this insanity is to use social media platforms and other technological advancements wisely. For most of the people, the fake reality which the social media creates is more real than the reality. Put things in perspective. Come out of the pit hole. Break the pattern.

Inclination Towards Joy And Pleasantness

So our topic of discussion was how social media affects relationships. We have discussed how social media platforms can provoke #jealousy and #insecurity.

If you see your life and the life of the people around you little carefully then you will find that people are not really after money and relationships. CONFUSED?

They are after such things because they think that it can give them happiness and a sense of completion. Human beings do so many different things but the motive behind this umpteen kind of activities are, either they want to become happy or they want to avoid pain.

So as we can see we all have a natural inclination towards joy and happiness. We can rely on someone else for our happiness and pleasantness but we all know by experience that no one is reliable all the time.

There are people who love us and they try their best to make us happy but still it is sensible to develop some rituals like a morning walk, jogging, cycling, meditation, etc. Make these rituals a part of your life in such a way that you are not dependent on anyone else for your happiness and joy.

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