How Long Does Lust Last. Let Us Find The Truth

How Long Does Lust Last? Let Us Find The Truth

So how long does lust last? We all know the answer. Its lifespan is very short but still, it is almost irresistible for most of the people to get over it.
Let us find out everything about it. How long does lust last? Is it good or bad? Is there any need to control or get over it?

Is It Impossible To Get Over Lust?

There are a lot of people who wants to know how long does lust last? This question is not a by-product of curiosity alone. A lot of people have assumed that sex is indispensable. Is it true?
The answer is being happy and joyful is an indispensable need. There is no doubt about it. People do a lot of things to experience pleasure, they try to seek attention, indulge themselves in sexuality, go shopping etc.
We want to be happy. We all have this need. In my article what is the codependent relationship I have said that relationship is neither good nor bad. But depending entirely on it for your happiness and fun is certainly not a healthy thing.
In the same way, sex is neither good nor bad but depending on it entirely for your good mood and happiness is an invitation to the disaster.

So What Can Be Done?

If you will ask me any question related to sex then I will say for me watching the sunrise is one hundred times more blissful experience than sex. A walk in the place where nature is alive is always an ecstatic experience for me. I can tell a dozen more things which are more pleasure giving for me than sex.


The Lustful One

Seduced by the temptations.

The one who is driven by lust has lost sense.

In the rust to content the lust, destroying the possibilities to expand.

Guilt is not the only reason to press brakes.

Incompleteness shall engulf that being in no time.

There is an entirely different way to experience peaks of pleasure.

One hundred folds more intense.

Why depend on the limited?

Let us access the unlimited.

Seek within and you shall find a treasure full of pleasure.

Limitless, never-ending, everlasting bliss is not out of reach.

It is very much a possibility indeed.

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The Advertisements

There are many companies who advertise that lust is not bad. Sex is indispensable. They do this because they only care about their pockets. There are only handful of people who really cares about their customer’s well-being. The majority of companies don’t give a damn about our physical and mental health.
I am not saying something after researching a lot because if you will have little sense then you can clearly see that they just care about their sales and profit.

The More You Get The More You Want

The one who is driven by uncontrolled lust or greed will surely fall from a great height. It is because it doesn’t matter how much they will get, it will never be enough. They will never experience contentment. This will make them strive for more and in this attempt, they are digging a hole for themselves. They will fall in the same hole which they dug.
Neil Strauss is the greatest pickup artist of all time. I don’t know the exact number but he was in a sexual relationship with more than 500 girls.
A lot of people may think he is the man. We must become his students. All those people must know that when he realized that he is a sex addict he went into a serious depression. To experience a sense of contentment and to overcome his depression he ended up marrying a girl he cheated.
Always remember lust, greed or power will never satisfy you. It doesn’t matter how much you will get it will never be enough. If these emotions will go out of control then they will invite trouble in your life for sure.

Transcend Compulsiveness

My book Transcend Compulsiveness is the best self-help book available in the market or the internet. This book will help you overcome your dependence on sex, relationship, alcohol, drugs etc. Very powerful methods are given in this book. The best thing is you can very easily practice them in your day-to-day life.

Everyone Around Me is Dumb

Our topic of discussion was how long does lust last? The answer is that it doesn’t last long and if it goes out of control then disaster is near.
A lot of people simply follow the crowd blindly. Just because everyone around us is mad then this doesn’t mean we must also lose our mental balance. We must act by our sense, not by peer-pressure.

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