How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last

How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last

How long do rebound relationships last? We all know the answer. The answer is it doesn’t last long. How often do rebound relationships work out? It doesn’t matter what emotionally sensitive people think the truth is it doesn’t work.
Most of the people try to come back in a relationship after facing violence or abuse. There are many people who keep on giving their partner chances even after catching them bare hands whilst cheating.
On a first glance rebound relationships look like the most extreme form of stupidity. The truth is it is no less than madness but we must also take on account that the person who keeps on giving chances is feeling helpless and confused.

A Sure Way To Invite Pain

Nowadays a lot of people fear to come in a relationship because of their bitter experiences of past relationships. After some time they become very indifferent and self-obsessed. The only problem with this attitude is that it stops all the beautiful possibilities and opportunities to come their way. Even if it comes they ignore because they cannot see them.
Are the self-obsessed people really happy? The answer is a big NO. Their heart is a barren land where nothing juicy grows. There is no love in their heart for anyone around them. If they will become truthful with themselves then they can also see that they are dodging life. By avoiding or dodging life no one can be happy. It is not mine or someone else’s point of view. It is the way things around us work.

The Head Or The Heart

In my article, the pros and the cons of teenage relationships I have answered one of the most asked questions, the heart or the head? Whom should we listen?
I have said that what people call as their heart is not an organ which pumps blood rather it is the way they feel or their emotions. And the mind is obviously their thought process and logics.
The way you feel is the way you think and vice versa. For some time they may differ from each other but sooner or later they come in sync with each other. If we have time than before taking important decisions in our life like choosing our partner we must ensure that we give sufficient time to ourselves. This is because it will help us take better decisions. The best decisions are those which are taken after the syncing of our head and the heart.

The Best Way To Experience A Lot Of Suffering

Loving someone and being attached to someone are two completely different things. Love will enhance your life experience and make it sweet and smooth. On the other hand, the attachment will first take you in euphoria but after some time it will push you down from a height. If you are attached with something or someone then I guarantee you that sooner or later you will fall flat on your face.
What attachment really means? The attachment means you are dependent on someone or something for your joy, fun, and happiness. A lot of people hang on with their abusive or cheating partner because they are attached to them.
They feel helpless because they don’t know any other way to experience happiness other than their relationship with their partner. Slavery is a very bad thing. We all know this but unfortunately, a lot of people are becoming slaves of their relationship, addictions, social media etc.
In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I have said that it is very important to develop some rituals in our life like cycling, walking, playing sports, meditation, yoga etc. This will ensure that you will not rely on someone or something for your happiness and joy. A lot of very powerful yet simple tips are given in this book which will help you make joy, fun, and playfulness your constant companion.

The Truth About Rebound Relationships

People rebound to their abusive or cheating partner because they do not have the answer to the head and heart question. Another reason is because for them their relationship with their partner is their only means to experience joy and happiness.
We all deserve to be happy and joyful. No one deserves to be a slave of someone or something. It is my wish that all of us must experience true bliss and freedom in our life.

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