How Ego Kills Relationships

How Ego Kills Relationships

How ego kills relationships? A lot of people complain that others have ego problems. They say something like he/she have a very big ego. Some of them even go one step further. They are the people who proudly confess in public that they have ego problems.
When people achieve something great in their life then they always come forward to take the credit. But when they lose their temper or do something nasty then they say it was not me. It was my ego. They think having an ego is a normal thing. It is like saying being crippled is a normal thing.
No, just because you are crippled, this doesn’t mean that the entire human population is crippled. So what is the ego? The answer is a loss of perception on a gigantic scale.

A Lot Of Misconception

A lot of people think ego means arrogance. This is not true. Arrogance is the consequence of ego. It is not ego. Then what is it? And how ego kills relationships? Before the end of this article, you will get your answers.
Ego means a very strong identification with something. We all have heard about cases in which a man killed someone because he or she commented something about his manhood. This happens because of a very strong identification with gender.

How Ego Kills Relationships?

Let us suppose you have brought a very expensive perfume. You love its fragrance. You are in Love with it. Now if someone else will use it then he/she is inviting trouble for himself or herself. The trouble is you.
If your close friend will use it then you might not have any problem. But if someone you dislike uses it or someone uses it when you are in a bad mood then you will lose your temper. Why we lose our temper? This is because of a very strong identification with perfume.
Things are for use but nowadays people love their gadgets and accessories. They love their belongings and they use people around them for their personal goals. The funny thing is that by doing this blunder they think they are smart heads. They have lost their mind completely. Such people are the dumbest of all.

What Is The Solution?

Do you know you shall die one day? You will answer of course I know everyone will die one day. If you would be conscious of that fact then you will not lose your mind for petty things.
This is because you don’t own anything. Your body is not even yours. Forget about the perfume, car, friends, property etc. So an ego is a loss of perception on a gigantic scale.
The truth is you don’t own anything. If you will just keep yourself in touch with this truth then there is no need for any moral values. You will naturally do sensible things for yourself and the people around you.

The Only Thing You Own

The way you are within yourself is the one and the only property you own. There are a lot of people who have a lot materially but still, they cannot even sit peacefully for a moment.
The one and the only reason behind their suffering is the ignorance. I have many friends and relatives who belong to a very financially rich background but still, I can clearly see that they are suffering.
A lot of relationship breaks because of petty reasons. If you will just keep yourself in touch with the truth then you don’t have to worry about anything. You will naturally do the best you can do for yourself and the people around you.
The one who is constantly in touch with the truth that he/she will die and it can happen any time, that person will not have any time to waste on arguments.
He or she won’t be interested in what others think about them. Your body which you think is yourself is not yours, you have to leave it and go. That is not a tragedy of life. If you are constantly in touch with the truth then your life will never derail. You will always be on track.

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