How Does Karma Work In Relationships

How Does Karma Work In Relationships

How does karma work in relationships? In India, it is very common to say that you are suffering your own karma. It is not about suffering and pain alone.
For thousands of years, the word karma is used by Indians. If we have to translate the word in English then it will mean actions. When people say it is your karma then they mean that your joy, misery, jealousy, hate, agony, bliss etc are consequences of your karma. Nowadays people think that it is some type of punishment and reward system but it is not.
Every action that we perform is recorded by our body and mind in a form of memory. In our body and mind memory is on different layers or levels. There is a genetic memory, memories of your actions which you have performed throughout your life and various different types of memories. Let us not go in all those things for the sake of this article.
We all know that our body and mind contains a heap of memory. Depending on the type of memory we hold within us we acquire some tendencies. As I told the word karma is in existence for thousands of years. So when people used the word karma they always used it in this context.
In this article, we shall see how does karma work in relationships or what is the role of karma in relationships? Let’s throw some light on karma.

Why Is Depression On The Rise?

In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I said that depression and other mental illnesses are on the rise because we have a very less physical activity to perform.
In last few decades technology has grown abruptly. This has brought the world together and made our life comfortable but at the same time, it is making us lazy and lethargic. You might be thinking how karma and technological advancements are related? They are directly related. Let me tell you how.
Karma or the memory we have within us is like a coiled spring. It wants to uncoil or in other words, it wants to express itself.
You might have experienced in your life that whenever we fail to express our emotions or feelings properly then we experience pain or smothering like feeling. Most of the people try to numb or bury their emotions within themselves and slowly this builds up in a form of depression.
Sometimes those buried emotions find expressions through cancer, heart attack, blood pressure related problems etc. Now you know that burying our emotions is the worst type of torture that someone give to oneself.

How Does Karma Work In Relationships?

Let me tell you a very interesting fact. No other creature excluding humans cries for something that happened ten years ago. Only we humans are capable of doing such great deeds. This is because we have a very powerful capability of remembering things vividly. The Mother Nature has given us this boon but unfortunately, most of the people have made a curse of it. This is how smart human beings are.
As I told the memory we have within us wants to express itself but because of so many reasons, people hold themselves back. This holding back doesn’t allow your karma to express itself and this is the basis of all the pains and suffering.
Most of the people never cried properly, they never expressed their anger etc properly. All the abnormal behaviors that we see in today’s people are because of this only.
In relationships too people are not allowed to express themselves freely. An atmosphere which is conducive for growth and of love is not created in most of the relationships.
Expressing oneself doesn’t mean you must talk with your best friend for hours. You can do that but that is not the only way.

How To Express Oneself?

As I told expressing oneself doesn’t only mean talking to someone. Every action that we perform is a way of expressing oneself. You can write something like dairy, poems, stories etc to express yourself. Dancing and singing are also ways of expressing oneself. The best way is to engage oneself in physical activities preferably in a place where nature is little alive.
You must live as if you are going to die in the next moment. But if we will say, live as if you are going to die tomorrow to any naive person especially to some young or school going kid then they will say, okay if I am going to die tomorrow then today I will throw paper balls on my cruel teacher.
No this is not what I meant. Whatever you think is the most important thing in your life, do that without any further delay. A lot of people procrastinate and delay things which mean a lot to them. This is not a small problem. Trust me you can blame procrastination for everything that went wrong in your life.

Pure Bliss

A lot of my friends want to settle in metro cities. But if someone will give me an option then I will choose a place where nature is little alive. You will not believe but exposing oneself to nature and practicing meditation are the best ways I know to work our karma out.
I will end this article by saying that stop living in today, tomorrow or yesterday. Live in this moment. Stop delaying things which mean a lot to you. Do it now.

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