How Does ADHD Affect Relationships

How Does ADHD Affect Relationships

This is a part II of the article ADHD in adults and relationships. If you’ve not read the part I then read that and come back to this. Let’s talk more about how does ADHD affect relationships?
As I promised in part I, in this article I will tell you how we can increase our ability to focus.

Start Up India Campaign

A few days ago I was watching our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on youtube. He was launching a campaign which is called start-up India, which I think is a very brilliant and revolutionary campaign.
In India because of British rule and things which happened after that; there is a mindset of ignoring problems among people. Whenever they see any problem they put down their face and come back home. This is because they think it is not their job to deal with the problems around.
So there is no inspiration in people to be an arbiter or a leader, who can settle things in the society. Because of this India lacked effective leadership for decades. The amount of talent which India has is unimaginable. I am not saying this because I am an Indian. It is there, if you will visit India and interact with Indian then you will know. We have talent but that is dispersed all around. There is no focus.
In spite of all these odds, people have risen which is no less than a miracle. I am saying this because what can be very easily done in other countries like USA and China is a life long struggle in India.
Our PM launched start-up India campaign which is aimed to change this mindset and encourage new business by giving free loans to the rural peoples, widows, backward class people etc.

Something Very Significant Was Said

During the launch of start-up India campaign Modi Ji said a very significant thing. He said that each and every person has some desires and dreams but for most of the people their desires take birth in the morning and vanish in the evening.
There are a lot of young people in India who keep on changing their desires. In the morning they want to become a cricketer (cricket is very famous in India and cricket players are very handsomely paid). In the afternoon they see some Hollywood or Bollywood star and they think I will become a film star. In the evening they see a doctor earning a lot of money and they think I will become a doctor.
You will find many people like this who will tell you three new ideas every week.
What he was trying to say is- with this approach nothing will yield. You must become unwavering in your intention. If you will keep on changing your focus from one thing to another then nothing will yield. You must know what to do in your life.

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