How Do Bipolar People Act In Relationships

How Do Bipolar People Act In Relationships

How do bipolar people act in relationships? Let me tell you who bipolar peoples are. Bipolar peoples are the peoples who are always on the extreme end of their emotions. They are either euphoric or in grief. You may also know a lot of bipolar peoples.
Let’s find out how do bipolar people act in relationships. We will also try to find out what causes bipolar behavior in people. Nowadays these behaviors are very common among couples. This type of behavior is not healthy. These are alarming situations. If you know a bipolar person whom you want to help then please made them read this article. This can help them a lot.

A Building Which Is Under Construction For Eons…

In my article, how to get success in love I said that to build a tall building it is very important that the foundation of the building is stable and strong. You might be thinking how all these civil engineering basics are related to our topic, how do bipolar people act in relationships?
It is directly related. A person who is not emotionally stable can’t strive to do or achieve something worthwhile in his/her life. It is a fact. This will refrain a person from growing in their life. Trust me whenever this happens then one thing is sure that he/she will go through the worst type of suffering. This is what is happening to the humanity.
All this suffering is happening because there is no stability in people and the second thing is there is an absence of an efficient system. Stress, depression and all type of mental illnesses are just consequences of these two problems.
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What Causes Bipolar Behavior?

In my last article, why have some people commitment issues, I said that most of the people keep on changing the direction of their life perpetually.  A person who keeps on changing his/her life’s direction shall not go anywhere. These lines make a lot of sense to all of us but still, there are many people who keep on taking u-turns in their life. WHY?
This is because most of the people are in auto-pilot mode. The one who has a plan and is working on it knows where he/she is going. There is nothing like a failure for such person because they know where they are and where they are going. Bipolar people are either euphoric or miserable because they are not capable of planning. There are two ways in which you can taste success. One is by chance or luck and the other is by planning or striving. A bipolar person belongs to the former group. The truth is we can’t win the lottery all the time so it’s sensible to follow the latter group.

It Is Not Normal

Just because everyone else is in auto-pilot mode then this doesn’t mean it is a normal thing. I see a lot of people who feel suicidal when things don’t happen the way they expected and when something good happens they are euphoric. I must tell you this is not normal.
If you really want to live your life in full depths and dimensions then it is very important that you transcend your bipolar behavior. If you really want to grow in your life then the first and foremost thing is that you bring stability in your life. Without a stable and strong foundation, a tall building cannot be constructed.

How Do Bipolar People Act In Relationship?

A lot of relationships fail because knowingly or unknowingly people develop a lot of expectations from their partner. In most of the cases, the other person is not even aware that someone is expecting something from them.
Sometimes people fail to live up to our expectations. A bipolar person can’t accept this truth so because of this he/she faces a lot of suffering. When people fail to live up to our expectations then most of the people forget all their good deeds. This is because they are always expecting something or the other. They don’t know how to appreciate.
If you really want to expect something from someone then it’s better you expect it from the person you see in the mirror. This doesn’t mean you must hate everyone and become self-obsessed. Just try to develop some empathy.

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