Histrionic Personality Disorder

An Insightful Article On Histrionic Personality Disorder

A person suffering from histrionic personality disorder compulsively seeks attention. When such a person fails to seek attention then he/she experience a great sense of discontentment.
Sometimes a victim of histrionic personality disorder goes to insane levels to seek attention. This is because such a person is utterly dependent on attention that he/she receives for their mental or psychological stability.
This is the best article on histrionic personality disorder as it will cover all the intricacies related to it. In this article, we will explore its causes and treatment. Along with that, we will also touch other aspects which are related to it.

Causes of Histrionic Personality Disorder:

#Lack of Attention in Childhood


One major reason which is responsible for the growth of mental health problems like histrionic personality disorder is – nowadays people starve for love and attention in their childhood.
In the rush to earn few bucks’ people underestimate the importance of spending quality time with their kids. I am not saying that earning money is not important.
Earning money is indeed important but not at the cost of letting our kids stave for love, care, and compassion in their childhood.
A person who had starved for love in his/her childhood is very likely to become a victim of histrionic personality disorder. Lack of love in childhood creates a huge void within a person.
To fill this void a person may do very silly and stupid things. They will try to earn attention everywhere. This type of behavior invites a lot of trouble. Sometimes it even destroys or ruins the life of the person completely.

#Digital Age

In my article, how social media affects relationships I have said that social media networks throw a lot of information on us which overwhelms our mind.
In the overwhelming state of information overload human beings lose their ability to think straight. We are becoming slaves of technology.
It must happen the other way round. Technological advancements must serve us but the opposite is happening.
For most of the people, the digital age is a curse. This is happening because people are not using social media platforms and other digital age technology sensibly.
People have completely succumbed themselves and accepted slavery. They allow just about anyone or anything to brainwash them easily. Just about anyone can control their minds.
Digital age technology has given scoundrels a platform to display their skills. They are using their skills and forcing people to seek attention by brainwashing them through nonstop advertising.
This type of advertising make people victims of histrionic personality disorder.

Facebook Live

facebook live

About a year ago a suicide of a youth caught the attention of entire Indian media. Why?
This particular suicide caught everyone’s attention because the youth who committed suicide went on Facebook live before jumping from the hotel room.
In my article on adjustment disorder, I have said that money and fame are not enough to give someone happiness or contentment. If they have the capability of giving people real happiness then no rock star might have committed suicide.
That youth committed suicide in a most idiotic way possible. He booked a very expensive room for a night. That night inside the hotel room he drank and ate extensively.
After doing all this for the entire night he went on Facebook live. There he declared that he is committing suicide.

Why He Committed Suicide?

He committed suicide because he tried to become something that he was not.
He didn’t belong to a very affluent family rather an average middle-class family. His college was in a big city.
For the very first time in his life, he saw a big city so he got enamored by the glamour of the city.
All his friends were rich. So in the thirst for social acceptance, he tried to mimic his friends but he didn’t belong to an affluent family.
He lied to his parents that he has to pay some fees in the college. Without investigating or asking questions his parents gave him money.
He started partying, drinking alcohol, and even started taking drugs. After some time his parent’s money was not enough to take the load of his expenditure. So he took credit from his friends.
He invested all his time and energy in trying to become something that he was not because of this he didn’t pay any attention to his studies.
He failed in his examination. Slowly because of all these things depression engulfed him and eventually he committed suicide.

Do You Know Who My Father Is?

You might be thinking that type of stupid question is this and what it has to do with our topic histrionic personality disorder?
We Indians are very familiar with this question because no one has endured hypocrisy and nepotism like us.
Fortunately, things are changing very rapidly which is a very good sign. Previously there was no way for any Indian who belonged to a humble background to taste real success.
Here and there exceptions were there. Such people made impossible possible. You might be thinking why I am telling you all this.
I am telling you all this to make you understand that in contemporary world it doesn’t matter who our father is.
The only thing which counts is our skill and competence. Our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a living proof.
He was born in a very poor family. But with his sheer dedication and love for the nation, he became the Prime Minister of India.


In my article on attention seeking behavior, I have thrown light on the life of Marilyn Monroe. She earned a lot of wealth and fame in her life.
But in her middle age, she went into depression and ultimately she ended her own life. In the United States, middle age women have highest depression rate.
Depression rates are soaring exponentially because nowadays people structure their entire life around pleasures of the flesh. A lot of people are utterly dependent on the attention that they get on day to day basis.
At some point in their life they stop recieving it by the virtue of aging or other factors. This pushes them into the arms of depression. They don’t have any other means to experience mental peace and stability so they break completely.
I am not against anything but it is very important that we structure our life wisely. But unfortunately, very few people are structuring their life sensibly.


Good bye

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Treatments For Histrionic Personality Disorder:

#Foolish Way Of Living

If you will just understand that attention is not everything and structuring our entire life around it is a foolish way of living then you will automatically come on the right track.
Spend some time with yourself and look at your life. Try to figure out what will really give you real happiness and contentment.
If you will just do this much then you will get over your histrionic personality disorder very easily. I hope this article was helpful.

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