Goodbye depression

Goodbye Depression

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What this book will offer you?

This book will bring you out of the tunnel of depression.

Why depression is rising in our societies?

Depression is rising in our societies at the rate of knots. Modern science has advanced rapidly especially after the digital revolution of the 21st century and previously during the industrial revolution and world wars. In spite of the comforts it has brought in our lives still, it has failed to bring happiness. Why?

There are many reasons for the exponential increase in depression and illnesses in our lives. Let’s discuss some of the fundamental mistakes our societies are doing which are causing this havoc.

  1. We are made to live in sync with nature but because of the way modern cities are made we’ve lost our contact with Mother Nature. In addition to that, modern technology is making us lethargic as our physical activity is almost zero.
  2. Indifference is rising in our society. We are 7.2 billion human beings but still, we complain that we are feeling lonely. There is no one who will give us ears as a true friend because of this we suppress our emotions and eventually as the heap of suppressed emotions increase, it takes the form of depression.

How this book will help you come out of depression?

You may be depressed because of any reason but if you will just take care of certain fundamental things then you can come out of your depression effortlessly.

We cannot change the world single-handedly. If you want to change the world then you must know that only a dedicated person can do this feat. This is simply out of reach for a depressed person.

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