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If you are getting over breakup then you know that even convincing our mind that it’s over, we still feel the pain. In many cases, people develop hostility for that person but still they go through pain for a certain period of time.

The pain that we experience after the demise of a close one and breaking out of a relationship are very similar. This pain is very deceptive as our mind keeps on developing false hope that some miracle will happen.

If you are getting over breakup then this article will give you a lot of insights that will bring the light of clarity in your life and pull you out of the haunting tunnel of chaos.

Focus on your actions

What I am going to tell you is a little complicated thing to understand. I will try to put it in as simple words as I can. You have to pay attention to understand it.

People do not understand what responsibility is. On the name of taking responsibility, they expect another person to do some specific things. This is the beginning of a dangerous cycle.

It’s called the trap of attachment. Let me explain to you what attachment is. It means you are dependent on another person for your mental stability and happiness. Only when a person will do a specific thing, in a specific way, and in a specific time then only you will be happy. This is an unrealistic expectation. Even the creator cannot satisfy you if you’re like this.

Most people come in a relationship with this attitude. They think what they are expecting or telling them to do is best for them. Sometimes it is true but still, if your happiness comes from other people doing certain things then you going in bonkers is inevitable.  

If you feel incomplete then…

People come in a relationship thinking that their relationship will fill the void that is there in their life. A few days ago I wrote a poem. The title of that poem is- insane and illogical deal. The theme of the poem is real love. Please read it after that we will continue our discussion.

Insane and illogical deal

The real problem is normal people are trying to fall in love.

It’s not for sane people you must know this.

As utter madness is an indispensable prerequisite for love.

You must know this from the very beginning that love is an illogical deal.

Willingness to do anything for the people that you love without expecting anything in return is real love.

Everything that people generally call as love is just bodily and social needs.

They know not what love is.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

Poetic Plunge

When two people come in a relationship because of the hormonal rush they get certain highs. People who don’t have enough substance within them become blind with these highs. When their high touches certain height then their consecutive few days are full of stress and pain. If you were in a toxic relationship or know someone who was in it then you might have seen this.

After experiencing a certain high, something or the other will start unfolding in their life. The situation around them will abruptly become volatile. If you will pay sufficient attention then you will definitely see this happening in the lives of the people who are in a toxic relationship.


We are not deviating from our topic of discussion. I am telling you certain things which are directly connected to our topic. If you are getting over breakup then you must understand certain things so that you can come out of the dark tunnel.

A relationship is not a substitute for stability. If you will come in it without necessary stability then it will make your life worse than before. You might get certain highs but they will contribute zilch in your growth.

In my book, how to get over breakup and divorce effortlessly I have said that some people jump in a rebound after breaking their relationship. It makes their life worse than before. They successfully distract themselves from their problems for a certain period of time but sooner or later they collide with them. Distraction and procrastination don’t solve our problems. It makes them more complicated than before. So it is very important to first strive to bring stability in our lives.

How to get over breakup and divorce effortlessly

In this book, I’ve given feasible yet very powerful methods that will bring you out of the pain of breakup or divorce effortlessly. As I told the pain of breaking out from a relationship is very deceptive this is because even if you do all the right things, still your system takes a certain time to get over it.

This book will give a lot of relief from your pain within 1-2 days and within a week you will be completely free from the pain. It cannot give you freedom from your pain instantly because the system takes time to recover and it is also important that we allow the system to recover from it completely otherwise it can have its repercussions in the future.

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