FOMO- Fear of missing out…How to get over it…?

This is the best article on FOMO, fear of missing out. This article will give you certain insights about the topic and also about certain aspects which are directly or indirectly related to it. I will throw light on the root cause of the problem. So let’s begin our discussion on the topic, fear of missing out.

What is the definition of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

There are some people who fear that they will miss out on certain things in their life. It may be a particular party, vacation or any recreational event. They may fear that they may miss out on a good job, wooing a person they have feelings for, etc. Some take this to another level and start imagining that they will become alone and miss out on every damn thing.

So if you have fear of missing out then what you should do? The first thing that you must do is understand the root cause of the problem. And the real problem is you do not understand the way life works.

Mediocrity or Excellence?

If you want to excel in something then you have to commit yourself to become competent. You have to work tirelessly for a considerable period of time to excel in something. And now I am going to talk about the most important thing. It will be the hardest part for some people but people who are completely devoted to something will not even pay any attention to it.

When you will be working on developing competence then you have to do many sacrifices on the way. You have to be in a certain zone. People think that they can manage both things, they can attend a party and still come home and work. Well, if you are doing some mediocre thing then you can do this but if you seek excellence then it will not come like this.

One day of distraction can completely derail you. You may take up to 3-7 days to again come back in the desired zone. This is a fact.  

You are blessed if you are alone

People fear that they will become alone. If you are alone then it is a blessing in disguise. How it is a blessing? Well, if you really want to work tirelessly on something you have a lot of passion for, you will naturally want to be alone and practice your craft. Isn’t it?

Only people who want mediocrity in life want to be surrounded by the people all the time because they use it as a means to distract themselves.

He fought with a smile on this face

If you will watch any movie on war then you will see armies attack each other whilst screaming ‘aaaaaaaa’. But there was a man who was on the battlefield with a smile on his face. He did not just enter a battle with the smile, everything that he did in his life he did it joyfully and lovingly, with a smile on his face.

I am talking about Krishna, he lived 5000 years ago but still, he is famous not just in India but around the globe. When people hear the name Krishna instantly romance and pranks that he did in his life come to their mind. All those things are beautiful but the most significant quality that he exhibited throughout his life was, he was untouched by the outside situations around him. He was involved in it completely but still, he was untouched by it.

The situations around him were very volatile for most of the time but still, he faced them with a smile on his face. This is only possible when you refuse to live a mediocre life. If you will take some big tasks in your life then naturally you will face more hurdles than normal people.

But there are two ways you can take up such responsibility either you can do it with a depressed face or a joyful face. Happiness and joy are not hiding in some cave of Himalayas. It is a choice. They are within you.

Sorry for wasting your time if you are…

If you just want to live a mediocre life then I am very sorry I cannot help you. You must visit other sites, they will give you platitudes. My site is not for mediocre people.

I am hoping that no one who will read this blog comes in the domain of the people for whom I have written above 2-3 lines. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Hope you find it insightful and helpful.

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