Fear Of Being In A Relationship

Fear Of Being In A Relationship

In one of my article, why relationships suck I said that for most of people relationships and pain become a synonym. They are the people who have suffered a lot in their past relations and the scars of it are still there with them. So what is fear of being in a relationship?
When a person starts fearing to commit himself/herself for a relationship then this is called fear of being in a relationship. When I was writing this it felt as if I am answering a question in the exam.

Why People Fear Of Being In A Relationship?

As I told many people carry the scars of their past relationships. They fail to overcome them because they didn’t handle their breakup or separation effectively.
In some cases, people hate their ex to an extent that they can’t even stand beside them but still they experience the pain of separation. My book how to get over break up and divorce effortlessly gives very simple yet powerful techniques to get over breakup or divorce. If you’re going through the pain of separation then this book will give you relief in just 1-2 days and within a week you’ll be completely out of the tunnel of pain.

What Is Fear?

A few years back I and my cousins were together on the occasion of our bua’s (father’s sister) 25th marriage anniversary. After the function, we all were together. It was night time. Everyone else was sleeping but we were awake. We were talking as we all came altogether after a very long time. Suddenly our topic of discussion shifted to spirits and ghosts. My elder brother started telling about the anebella doll which is kept somewhere inside a glass box. He further carried on and said that the movie conjuring is based on real life incidents. My younger brother Viraj who was in sixth or seventh grade at that time became very fearful. He became fearful to a point that on next day he started avoiding going to the dark room even during the day. The credit goes to us as we were provoking his fear. But the question is why he was fearful? There was no one in the dark.
The answer is because Viraj created fear in his mind. There is nothing like fear in reality. It’s just a by-product of our thoughts and imagination. If we will make a list of 100 things which we feared in our life then we shall see that about 99 of them never happened. If we will look carefully then we shall realize that fear is our making. We are the ones who create horror stories in our mind.

Everyone is not mean

Just because a person or a two are mean and selfish then this doesn’t mean that the entire population is mean. If you will generalize things like this then you will miss many good opportunities in your life.
A few days ago I wrote this poem after seeing some discrimination around me.



A man is born from a woman.

So no one is inferior or superior.

It’s his conquering tendency, which makes him feel she is inferior.

The conqueror asks, who is more beautiful?

The white flower or the red flower?

The fool doesn’t know, he insulted the creator.

It’s her womb, which nurtured me.

It’s her breast which fed me.

I bow down to her for all she has done.

As a man is born to a woman.

All these discriminations are deadly pollution.

My book Poetic Plunge is a collection of my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationships, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.

After writing poems I have a habit of sending them to my friends and relatives through WhatsApp.
One of my friends replied, “Great! Your thinking for women is great. Boys should think like you. At least there is one man who speaks the truth.”
I told her that there are many good men but people are too busy focusing on the bad one.
Good men and women are all around us but some people can’t see them as they have fear of being in a relationship because of the pain they faced in their past relationships.

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