How to get over a fear of being alone…?

The theme of this blog post is- fear of being alone. These days’ people have umpteen types of fear. The first thing that I want you to know that being fearful is not an achievement.

If a wild animal will come near, you becoming fearful at that time is justified because it is a survival instinct. But if you are fearful because you do not want to come out of your comfort zone then this is called cowardice.

Now let’s come back to our topic, fear of being alone. If you are alone then it is a blessing, not a bane. In this article, I will tell you how it is a blessing. In addition to that, I will also tell you how you can make the best of this blessing.

Blessing in disguise

If I’ll give you the option between mediocrity and excellence, what you will choose? Most of you will choose excellence because we are trained to talk in a politically and socially correct language.

Most people do not practice what they preach. I have seen this quality in a lot of people and I am sure you have also seen it a lot. Let’s change the gear of this article.

If you have chosen excellence then you cannot complain that you have a fear of being alone. You will want to be alone most of the time because acquiring competence required devotion and determination. And if you are working on something which means a lot to you then you will naturally want to be alone.

If you are constantly disturbed by people throughout the day then you cannot work on your craft properly. Isn’t it?

How to get over a fear of being alone?

As I said that if you want to stay away from mediocrity then you cannot lament that you have a fear of being alone. It will imply that you do not practice what you preach. Now I am going to once again change the gear of this article. Brace yourself to absorb the shock.

If you want to live a mediocre life then this article is not for you. You should go to other sites which will give you solace. You must know solace is a temporary fix. It makes the problem worse because it is just a distraction. Only by accepting that you have problems you can grow in life. Once you accept that you have problems, your problems will become a possibility. After this you just have to walk the distance, for this, you must have unwavering determination.

You do not have a fear of being alone

What if I will tell you that you do not have a fear of being alone? Most of you might be shocked after reading the above heading but it is true. This article has been about changing gear so let’s change it one last time.

You do not fear that you will end up living a lonely life. You fear that your life will become stagnant. There is nothing more painful than stagnation.

If your life is not stagnant then you will not care whether you are with people or alone. You will be happy and stable. But once you are hit by a catastrophe called stagnation then your life will become a living hell.

How to beat stagnation?

The opposite of stagnation is growth. So to beat stagnation you have to grow in your life. It doesn’t matter where you have reached in your life. The moment you will stop growing in your life, pain and misery will start entering your life.

Most people make the mistake of growing in only certain areas of their life. For instance, when people fall in love they stop attending to the other areas of their life. This makes them utterly dependent on their love life for their happiness and mental stability.

When people are in a state like this then a little disturbance in their love life can take their life in turmoil. In addition to that, because of ignoring other areas of their life, stagnation starts setting in them. As a result, the problems that they had in other areas of their life keep on worsening. You might have seen it happening with your friends.

This article was on fear of being alone. I have told you in this article that you do not fear that you will ultimately live a lonely life. You fear that your life will become stagnant. I hope you find it helpful.   

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