Depression symptoms, what are the warning signs?

This article is about depression symptoms. This article will help you in looking at the warning signs.

This article will also tell you how you can come out of the tunnel of depression.

Depression symptoms:

  • Constipation:

In Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) it is said that only a clean colon can be equated to a healthy body and mind.

Good digestion is important not just for our physical health but for our mental health too. If your digestion is not good then you will feel depressed for no reason. This is a fact.

If you are in the grab of depression then your digestive system will start worsening. It is a scientifically observed fact that- when a person is in depression his/her digestive system doesn’t work properly.

  • Very long sleep quota

Another very visible symptom is an exponential rise in sleep quota. We all know this by experience that whenever we’re very happy our body needs less maintenance. Even if we get less sleep we do not feel drained.

On the other hand, when we are sad our sleep quota increases and our energy decreases.

  • Excessive indulgence in drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.

A depressed person compulsively and recklessly indulges himself/herself in drug abuse, excessive drinking, sex, or binge-watching of pornographic content, etc.

Some people start eating junk food recklessly when they are depressed.

In my book, Transcend Compulsiveness I’ve given potent and feasible methods which will help you get over your compulsive habits namely drug abuse, excessive drinking, sex; binge eating or watching pornographic content, etc.

This book will give you results. It will give you more than you can imagine possible. It will transform your life utterly and make peace and tranquility your constant partner without any substance.

  • A complete absence of peace:

This is a very obvious and visible symptom. If you are depressed then you will not know what peace is.

There will be few moments in a day when you are distracted because of certain situations and people around you, in those moments you may not experience the pain. But the moment those distractions will go you will experience a complete loss of peace.

  • Complete loss of interest and excitement

If you are depressed then you will lose your interest in things that were previously exciting you a lot.

You will not want to indulge in anything. Sometimes when people are in this state, the opportunity to come out their depression comes but because of their hopeless state of mind, they are not able to see it.

Depressed people often yell or scream at their friends or family members when they try to talk to them and tell them to do certain things. Depressed people lose their temper on trivial things.

Salvation is possible

If the above symptoms are present within you then this implies that you are in a depression of certain intensity. You should not worry because you are in the right place.

I’ll tell you how you can get out of the dark tunnel of depression gracefully.

If you want to come out of the dark tunnel of depression then the first and the foremost thing that you must do is ask yourself a very straightforward question- Do you want to come out of your depression?

You may think what type of stupidity is this? Obviously, I want to come out of it. No one enjoys bring in the tunnel of depression.

This may surprise you

There are people in this world and their number is huge, who doesn’t want to come out of pain. They have a very deep and strong bond with their misery.

Most of the time the only hurdle which is stopping you from overcoming depression is between your ears.

Willingness to come out of depression is paramount if you are interested in regaining your peace and joy. If you’ll decide that you want to come out of it then no one can stop you.

On the other hand, if in some little corner of your mind you have concluded that you cannot come out of your depression then no one can help you.

How to find salvation?

If you want to find salvation then simply develop a strong and intense will.

Do not ask me- how to generate that willingness?

You know the repercussions of staying in that dark tunnel of depression. If you’ll not develop enough will to walk out of it then you’ll stay there in that rot.

It is your business to do what is needed to be done.


Stagnation is the root cause of depression. You might have seen many people who fall out of their relationship, they suffer immensely mainly because they stop doing small-small things which were previously giving them a lot of happiness.

Stagnation and depression go hand in hand. If you will start stagnating in certain or all areas of your life then depression will inevitably grab you in his tentacles.

In my book, Goodbye! DEPRESSION I’ve given feasible and powerful methods to walk out of stagnation. Each method given in this book is phenomenally potent. This book will transform your life in a huge way by ensuring that you never again become prey to depression.

This book will also make you capable of handling life’s situation gracefully.

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