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Consultancy service

LuvLeela Consultancy Service

LuvLeela Consultancy Service

Our consultancy services will help you overcome all your problems related to relationships and life. We will help you get rid of all your bad feelings by guiding you in a proper direction. Our service will help you come out of your darkness, not by fighting it rather by bringing light in your life.

After breakups, divorce or any dispute in a relationship people go in depression. They can’t tell things to people who are close to them and sometimes it becomes important to talk to someone. We understand this so we want to help such people.

  • 24/7 support
  • You can contact us using WhatsApp (a number will be given to you)
  • You can talk about any of your relationship and life-related problems.
  • Price: 99 USD/month.
  • You can contact us anytime and send an unlimited amount of messages.
  • You can unsubscribe anytime. 

What will our service offer you?

  • If you are in a relationship with someone but you have feelings for your ex then our service can help you.
  • If you are facing breakup or divorce after a long relationship then our service can help you come out of your pain. We will bring stability in our life and show you the right direction.
  • If you are facing depression then we will help you in killing it so that it can never happen again.
  • If you feel lonely then we will give you simple yet very powerful and effective tips which will help you create real intimacy.
  • If you are stuck in any area of your life like career, finance, family, recreation etc, you can join our service. We will help you by giving effective tips.
  • If you are dealing with self-confidence issues, inferiority complex, or anything else then you can join our service to get help.

How Our Consultancy Service Is Different From Other Services?

We know how it feels when something which is very close to our heart is taken from us. We feel like a crap when something which was more important than us is no longer ours. When we are separated from someone who was everything to us than almost everything which happens around us, a song on a radio, a couple walking on the street or even a cup of coffee reminds us of that person. We just can’t think of anything else other than that person. We feel like a lost puppy in the street that has no idea about what to do with this life. We just want that person back even if we know that now it’s impossible. We refuse to accept the truth and we feel helpless about our situation.

We understand all this so we want to offer help.

Your Payment is Secure

We are using gumroad for our transactions. It is one the most secure platform for online transactions.

  • Your payment is secured by TLS, a higher grade of security than SSL, with 128-bit encryptionand using modern SHA2 cyphers.
  • Your payment is processed using PCI Compliantservice providers. PCI Compliance means that our providers meet current security standards for handling payment information.

Your Privacy

We care a lot about your privacy. Every communication done between you and me will be private. No third party will ever know about our conversations.

Paras Shivhare as a Consultant

Paras Shivhare is a founder of It is a site about love and relationships. In that site, he writes on topics like abusive relationships, ADHD in adults and relationships, why people cheat in a relationship etc. He has also written about breakups and divorce on his blog.

Luvleela is for those who value their relationship. It is for those who want their relationship to last forever. He writes how relationships can become a synonym of joy and happiness instead of pain and suffering.

He wants everyone’s relationship to last forever but at the same time, he encourages everyone to leave a person who is abusive or has cheated on you. He doesn’t advise to take straight away quick actions when it comes to a decision of leaving someone or breaking a relationship. He suggests that first, we must give some time to ourself to analyze the situation well and accordingly take actions.

He is committed to bringing well-being in other’s life.

He has read more than 900 books in his entire life and at the time of writing this book he is 20. The theme of those books ranges from human behavior, psychology, neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP, politics, business, investing, marketing, and even history.

In addition to that, he has read many blogs and has watched countless videos on these topics.

So he is someone who has a very good knowledge about all these things. He is particularity very good in understanding human behavior.

Frequently asked questions

1.After paying what will happen next?Ans. We will contact you through email and give you our WhatsApp number.  2. What countries do you support?Ans. If you know English or Hindi then we will give you our support. It doesn’t matter where you live.3.Which number do I have to dial?Ans. You don’t have to dial any number. We will contact you and give you our WhatsApp number.  If you have any question which is not mentioned here then please contact us using a contact form