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Poetic flings

The Joy of Giving

A small smile which costs nothing. The return it gives is of the compound sort. A smile which brings the smile. This contagious disease must spread worldwide. The returning smile gives bliss to the starter, as the return is compound. A small principal which gives a limitless return. For the people who understand economics well, the interest rates are astonishingly high. A small smile is an investment and endless bliss is the return. Not a bad deal at all. What do you think about all this, my friend?

Good Deed

A small drop of sweetness in the ocean.
An attempt of fireflies to fight the darkness.
In a world full of hate and agony, a small good deed astonishes.
A firefly shall bring light.
A good deed which surprises.
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Why Poetry?

Everything in the existence cannot be expressed in terms of logic or in other words the phenomenon of life doesn’t fit in the realm of logics. There are lots of incredible things which are beyond logic. But if we will talk about things which are beyond logic then people may perceive it as senseless because they won’t be able to make sense of it. Every genuine poet expresses something which is beyond logic and sense. The longing to share his experience finds expression in a form of poetry.

Every beautiful thing which happens in this cosmos is illogical. Falling in love is a beautiful thing. For most of the people, it is the most intense experience of their life. The matter of the fact is there is no logic behind love, just look at it in a certain way you will find that it is the most illogical thing but at the same time it is the most beautiful thing. Let me tell you it is useless to plant rose bushes. They don’t give us anything to eat and in addition to that, they have thorns. Some people may even think that we must only plant vegetable trees.

They are logically correct but if we will not have flowers than we will not have a sweet fragrance. We will not have any beautiful thing in our life if we will apply our logic everywhere. Everything beautiful is beyond logic and sense. I will even say that it is beyond our thought process and emotions too. Life is far bigger phenomenon than any of our wildest thoughts and imagination.Buy Now

About the Author

Paras Shivhare is a founder of He is a poet, author, blogger and a former computer science student.

He started his site with a goal of changing this world and making it a better place to live.

It sounds like a too big goal. Some people even call it an impossible and senseless goal. I don’t care about the odds. I am going to give my best. After that everything is in the hands of the divine and destiny.

To realize my dream which most people call a senseless goal I want your support. Please help me spread my work. Tell all your friends and relative about my site and work.Buy Now

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