Clinical Depression… Read this article and say Goodbye to your DEPRESSION

If you are going through some serious breakdown then in psychological jargon it’s called clinical depression.

In this state, a person may get a beating from each and every direction he/she tries to move. Every forward step starts backfiring and obviously stagnation and backward steps give unbearable pain.

Landing on such a state is not a joke. It can make a person’s life a living hell. So if you are facing clinical depression or know anyone who’s going through this pain then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Remove the parasites

If you are going through clinical depression then one thing is sure- you are doing something wrong on the very fundamental level. And usually, that mistake is overdoing certain things.

You must understand that we must only perform actions only to an extent they are necessary. If you will try to overdo certain things in any given situation in the expectation of certain results then it is just a matter of time, sooner or later it will bite you.

You must accept the truth. You have done what you can do now there is no need for you to do anything. If you won’t stop overdoing things then it will make your life hell. From each and every direction of your life, you will start getting beatings.

If what I’m saying is resonating with you then I must tell you the best thing to do is- analyze the situation well. Stop indulging yourself in this situation and move on with your life.

If you want to regain your peace then you must remove the parasites. It will take some courage but it is the price you have to pay to regain your lost peace.

Start moving forward

If you do not know the right direction then you’ll inevitably invest massively in the wrong direction and because of that sooner or later you’ll face a first-class crisis in your life.

To come out of the dark tunnel of depression the indispensable prerequisite is willingness.

If you will ask any poor person, do you want to become rich? Everyone will say yes I want to become rich but the more important question is- are they willing to do necessary hard work and sacrifices for a considerable amount of time?

The answer to the latter question decides how much the line between dream and reality will be erased.

Stop running away from your problems

People have mastered the art of deceiving themselves. They lie to themselves perpetually. All they are doing is ignoring their problems.

Do you know there are certain animals who close their eyes when their predator comes? They think by closing their eyes their predator vanishes.

What is unfortunate is that many humans are trying to reverse the evolution by trying to become like these animals.

By ignoring your problems they are not vanishing. They are growing in size with every passing day.

Lately, I’m witnessing the height of double standards around me. The same people who talk about courage from morning to evening are the ones who indulge themselves in unproductive activities.

They do this with the sole purpose of distracting themselves. They know if they will not distract themselves then their problems will haunt them.

The truth is your problems won’t vanish by procrastination. They will only go when you will accept that you have problems and seek their solutions.

Depression symptoms

In my article on depression symptoms, I’ve said that when a person is in depression then his/her digestive system doesn’t work properly. The opposite is also true, if your digestive system is bad then you may feel sad for no reason.

For our digestive system to work well there are certain things which we must take care of on daily basis like not eating sugary or drinking any caffeinated drink empty stomach, eating enough fibers every day, etc.

In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I’ve given the list of food items that act as a catalyzer for depression and good mood categorically. A lot of powerful yet feasible methods are also given in this book which will bring a person out of the tunnel of depression and will ensure that the person never sees that tunnel again in his/her life.

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