How to Get over Breakup And Divorce Effortlessly

This book will give you powerful yet practical methods that will help you come out of the pain of break-up or divorce effortlessly.


This book will bring you out of the tunnel of depression.

Irresistible qualities which ATTRACT FEMININE

This book will help you understand feminine, increase your attractiveness, and get over your fear and approach anxiety.

Peace of mind

Say Goodbye to boredom

This book will make peace a constant companion in your life. And once you’re peaceful then there will be no room for boredom in your life.

Poetic Plunge2

Poetic Plunge

This book contains my 51 best poems. You will learn a lot about love, relationship, and life through this book. It is full of wisdom and valuable insights.


This book will help you get over your compulsive habits like drug abuse, binge-eating, binge-watching television or online shows, porn addiction, alcohol addiction, etc.